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We Too Sing America Analysis Essay

In current media, it has been acceptable to have an opinion of xenophobia or islamphobia these days. Unfortunately, one couldn’t say it isn’t normal to be segregated against to this day. As the years keep passing, people are failing to change in this great nation of America. America- home of the brave, proud, and loving people. Especially giving the current political climate and environment in the nation, there is an need for a book to explore the issues relating to anti-Muslim, anti-immigration, and national security issues.

Deepa lyer’s, We Too Sing America, serves to help us understand the perceptions, policies, and practices that have shaped life in America after 9/11. From a first hand account, Iyer uses her immigrant background to influence her writing of this manuscript. As a young girl feeling lost in the racial binary of the South, lyer lifts up stories of woman of color and people situated in interesting location feeling as an outsider in America. All have been never peace in the rocky land of America.

Since the years of Slavery to the civil Rights, people have been fighting for immigrant rights and equality. During the late 1990s, many advocates of immigrant rights were finally on the cusp of creating legislation and policies that would positively affect people. However, since the attacks on 9/11, the whole landscape of the nation was changed. At times, it is hard to not blame this terrorist group for single handily changing million of people lives in America. An act of hate and anger from one terrorist group, underhandedly changed million of people live in America.

Furthermore, these radicals were only selfishly thinking about there self’s and their agenda. Nevertheless, the actions of one group of people on that certain day changed America in its whole for life. In the wake of the attacks, America quickly shifted to using immigration policies as a way to preserve the American peace and national security. Iyer states, ” America is a racial state. We are the inheritors of systems and institutions that enable the denial of basic human rights…

The post 9/11 treatment of South Asian, Arab, and Muslim communities by the U. S. continues this shameful legacy (page 34). ” The state of America treated the people of these Middle Eastern or Asian descendants as “others” in a nation that they already lived in. Directly after 9/11, the bush Admiration was one that tightened the immigration policies in the nation. The Bush administration sough out through new initiatives to identify, detain and deport people from particular countries that had Arab roots.

The idea of protecting our borders from terrorism became an idea enhanced after the 9/11 attacks. According to lyer, ” The DOJ issued an interim rule that gave federal law enforcement agents the ability to detain noncitizens for forty-eight hours or longer without charging them if the state could show that” an emergency or other extraordinary circumstances” existed (page 37). ” Now, this is the problem with society and America. How in a free action, such as America, can a person rights be taken from them in a matter of a few days.

The idea of a person being detained for no giving reason and disappearing from society should frighten all people. Furthermore, in no way is this a just and fair action. The justice department is founded don the ideals that it promotes equality and justice for all people dependent on the American constitution. Hundred of thousands of people were just disappearing from their neighborhoods, friends, family, and etc. Nevertheless, the United Sates government approved of these actions and didn’t contest it. In the end, all people are to blame for this action.

The department of justice was doing this egregious action, but we, the people of America, were not fighting against it. Personally, I could have been too young to file suit or have a opinion on these actions. However, I can’t think of anybody in my family circle who fought against the tide. Everybody seems to be alright with the problematic situation. Unfortunately, that is the problem with most situations in America. Only a few amount of people will stand up while the majority of people just sits back (even if they see a problem as well).

As important as many of the chapters are, the chapter,” Ferguson is everywhere” touched on some major issues in society. Furthermore, the chapter touched on issues that were stronger than the issues of Ferguson and crimes in the Arab and South Asian community, Personally, I believe, the most important detailed touched upon on the issue was the idea of an “coalition”. According to lyer, “In standing against white supremacy and in solidarity with Black communities, South Asians and other communities of color must not erase their own experience confronting racism in the United States.

This is the time to be both supports and active (page 151). ” First off, this is the most important step in coalition. Bringing different groups of people together that have all struggled, but focusing the idea to help for all groups. Being respectful and honest, allows for these different groups of people to learn from each of their experiences and create a stronger foundation. The different groups of people are there to exchange critical information that in the end will help build critical relationships.

These relationships are important because they are used to see how systematic racism is being used to destroy the neighborhood and groups of people. Coalition and solidarity for one group is more than just offering support at times. A true alliance would be people that understand the historical and contemporary issues that haunt the group and forces them to be prone to injustice. As stated in the book, “We are all criminalized”, so why not stand up against the status quo and an oppressor. America has been changing for a long time now.

From the past to the present, a multitude of racially diverse people has been moving to or being birthed in America. Even though, times have improved for people of color and society is becoming more open. There are still signs of negative aspects that support a racist, homophobic, ego driven society. Personally, I am a product of many of these Majority-minority cities such as New York , Atlanta , and San Francisco. However, as stated , “The moment when people of color become the majority in the United States sounds great, but it’s not going to be a Kumbaya moment (page 165).

As immigrants and people of color transform the racial dynamics of the workplace, the same ole systematic problems will be present. Just by adding a larger amount of diverse people won’t change the problems. This is the problem with modern day companies, groups, and universities in America. They believe by increasing the numbers of people of color, all will be saved and better. Unfortunately, this is not how the world works. The problem might become better or more manageable, but it would be fixed. They are just putting a soft tissue bandage over the problem.

One day, the bandage will fly off in the wind or get wet and the problem will haunt them again. This time it will come back infected with bacteria and stronger than the first time. Together with growth and learning, we all can live in a more equitable and equality driven society. As I finished the book, Appendix A stood at to me in many ways. Appendix a served to show people how” Race talks” can be put in your own hands. Personally, I am not one that enjoys conversations with random people or even friends about issues of race.

Furthermore, I never know when there is a appropriate time to bring up the issue in a respectable, polite manner. However, at times, I can see many of my friends and loved ones using insensitive and obsolete language when dealing with race language or dialogue. Nevertheless, as a person that prides himself on inclusion and political correctness, I should be the voice of reason in these situations. A race talk would be a simple addition to a team building exercise. They don’t have to be long-just constructive.

The race talk would allow for peoples voices to be heard that don’t usually speak up. These are the most dynamic voices to me. When a person that usually doesn’t speak, have a statement to portray to a group of people- means you are having a great dialogue. In the end, freedom wasn’t accomplished in one day. These are the building blocks that will serve to improve the environment that you surround yourself in. Sometimes it’s the small things, which make the biggest differences. As the book proclaims, We Too Sing America and no one can take that away from us.

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