Blood Meridian Essay

Americans look back on the western migration as a period of growth, referring to the movement as America’s “Manifest Destiny” to claim the untamed western land they viewed as their God-given right. Americans viewing western migration as a mission to take the land that God wished them to have, resulted in a brutal war against … Read more

Cannibalism In Aztec Culture Research Paper

Undoubtedly, cannibalism in any form is shunned in society as horrific crime against the nature of civility—at least by the standards of the Western culture transported to the Americas by the Spanish Conquistadors in the 16th-century. In the ancient Americas, cannibalism was another part of native life, yet not in the way explorers perceived it. … Read more

18th Century American Imperialism Essay

Towards the end of the 18th Century American foreign policy underwent major change. Fueled by the Progressive movement and new interpretations of Manifest destiny, Americans sought to expand the United States’s influence around the world. During the 1890s the United States mainly used military and economic prowess to accomplish their international desires. Progressives used this … Read more

Essay on Negative Effects Of Native American Colonization

The European nations greatly benefited from the colonization of the Americas. From the Americas, the Europeans gained wealth, crops, land, and slaves through the Triangular Trade. However, despite the benefits of colonization, we should not ignore the numerous negatives as well. The Native Americans and the African slaves, where two groups of people who suffered … Read more