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Racial Inequality In America Essay

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. ” – Martin Luther King, Jr. Racial inequality is still a problem to many citizens and it is imperative that people are aware of these issues that happen right in front of us every day. Racial inequality has harsh effects on teenagers, authors can have impacts on readers on books about inequality, and many genres of literature even have an effect on society’s views of social inequity.

Though, many people hink that it is not an issue, many blacks and even hispanics are often mistreated in America. This is a problem that has to be dealt with quickly and effectively. Likely, the most influential group of citizens in America are teenagers. Teens are in the middle of just about everything in the world, including inequality. Especially for those teens who are black and Hispanic. Black teens could be denied of certain jobs at times, and teens are also heavily influenced by people of authority or famous people like their favorite athletes or actors.

Blacks sometimes are denied of certain jobs just because of heir race. Blacks without jobs is a problem in America. Their unemployment rate has been much higher than whites. Blacks need to be involved in society which includes having fair job opportunities. Teens will need jobs to get themselves on their feet as they grow up and move out of their homes and live on their own. While the black unemployment rate is high, this could mean bad news for these teens. Overall, black teens getting denied of jobs because of their race is a problem.

Also, actions from role models to teens can deeply affect how they feel about these issues. Colin Kaepernick, a huge role model to many eens, has received some heat for his actions recently. Kaepernick has been voted the most hated man in the NFL. This was sparked by his \on-field decision to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem. Collin did this because he felt that blacks and people of color are oppressed in the United States. This triggered many responses some supportive, and some not so supportive.

Leading to Kaepernick being the most hated player in the NFL. Teens, being very swayable, can see Kaepernick’s actions and may start to do what he is doing to make a stand for people of color. As long as they are for the ight reason, peaceful protests are a very effective way to make a statement to society. This is also a very great way to get a message to teens about these types of things. In addition, authors can have heavy impacts on people’s opinion on social inequity through powerful writing.

Writers can strongly affect the reader by showing personal experiences of being unequal in society, or they can show facts or images in their books to give the reader a feel as to how common and harsh social inequity is. One way to thoroughly spread the message of social inequality to everyone is to throw it into a ook or short story even. One great way for authors to spread the message of social inequity is to state the facts. Facts and figures are the most powerful way to explain the effects of social inequity and how it works.

When authors use facts and things that are true, it leaves nothing up to the reader’s imagination and puts everything in a very straight forward way. Just like the fact that more than two times as many blacks are living in poverty than whites. Clearly the facts are just as strong as anything else in spreading the news about social inequity which is a huge problem in society today. Another effective way to get people to understand what these situations are like are too tell how it affects a person just like the reader.

When an author adds personal experience to a story it helps develop the story and the reader can easily relate to it because it includes how the situation affects one person. When the reader puts themselves into the author’s shoes they understand the story more and become more interested in the topic. For example, if the author describes, in detail, the problems they face the reader can get a feel for how the author felt and may even develop sympathy for them. The simple move f telling a story of a firsthand event can improve the meaning of the text in a big way, ultimately making the book or story even better than it originally is.

Further, the multiple genres of literature can social inequity in America as well as books and many other things. Literature is an easy way to convey just about any message needed to, and with all the genres of literature, it is a perfect tool to communicate the problem of racial inequality to all people. Some of the most common and strongest forms of literature are speech and poetry. Both of which have been used multiple times to pursue these issues. Speeches are often used by famous people and people of authority in multiple cases.

Sometimes they are used to address certain problems or issues currently occurring in the world at that present time. Today, many speeches are given to address the issue of racial inequality. Also, many years ago a powerful man named Martin Luther King Jr. gave multiple speeches and devoted his life to helping the African American race. Speeches by him were extremely helpful in the growth of the power of the black community. When he was alive, the genre of literature of speech was something that made him who he was and helped im tremendously in helping the black community rise in power and to have multiple rights they never had.

Not many things can exceed the progressions he made toward equality for blacks. Even though these progressions were made, the problem has never been solved to date. However, with the use of speech, the country still can make these necessary progressions in a short amount of time. Another very effective genre of literature is poetry. Poetry is a way for many people to find peace with ange views on themselves and the world. Poetry almost always has a sincere message to it and is very meaningful. Many poems have been ased racial inequality in the past.

The fluency to poems can make the reader very intrigued in what the poet has to say. It influences people to go out and make change as it has done multiple times before. Poetry has proven to be a strong source of inspiration to many people. Especially on these issues like racial inequality and many other social inequities as well. Overall, the multiple genres of literature are crucial in the understanding of problems like racial inequality. They can make people aware and even make people want to make a change in society.

All in all, racial inequality is clearly an issue for all of America. It is very important for everyone to know about the effects and causes of this unfortunate occurrence that happens everyday right in front of us. Racial inequality deeply affects the teens of our country, authors have huge impacts on readers when teaching about inequality, and the many genres of literature have impacts upon people in society and their views on racial inequality. To sum it up, America for decades and decades, has been terrorized by racial inequality and its effects on people. As long as inequality is still going on, America will never know peace as a nation.

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