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Examples Of Political Socialization Paper

Politics encompass so much of our day to day lives no matter where or how you live. Growing up in South Texas with a very republican family has definitely shaped and influenced my views somewhat when it comes to politics. Because of our democratic government system, it is important to become educated and participate in government through voting, petitioning, and much more which is something that has always been stressed to me growing up. Although I live in a primarily conservative community, I still have my own views and my own opinions, and my votes and decisions reflect that individuality.

I was born and raised in Victoria, Texas. Victoria, Texas is located pretty far south being north of Corpus Christi but south of San Antonio. Victoria, like many other cities in Texas, is a community with primarily republican views. Although I would consider Victoria very republican, much of the city’s youth and young adults are swaying much more liberal. This does create some diversity within the city. Personally, I think of myself as more moderate but I do tend to lean right on some issues and occasionally left in certain circumstances.

Growing up in a conservative town with more conservative family members I feel has influenced as to why I often identify as a republican. I recognize that this creates a bias and that is why I often try to go into every decision and listen to each side with an open mind and a willingness to see different perspectives. If I ever have more liberal views than my fellow citizens around me I try to stick up for my beliefs and not let myself be bullied into a point of view. I also show the same courtesy when it comes to having more conservative views when I am around liberal citizens.

I ultimately view government as an opportunity to voice my opinion and make the choices I feel are best for the united states of America despite possible opposing views around me. Even though I have my own opinions, I am still a strong advocate for multiple opinions and perspectives, and I encourage discussion of our government so that I can try to see what others with an opposing view may see. Some of my political views include keeping minimum wage at what it is currently. The Minimum wage in Texas is set at $7. 25 an hour. I do not feel this is an absurd or unfair amount.

Minimum wage takes in account the cost of living and that is why places like New York have a higher minimum wage. In New York prices for apartments are significantly higher than apartments in Texas along with many other accommodations. So, the argument of having a higher minimum wage to match up with states like New York and California is not realistic. These costs correlate with the economy of that state. I do not think minimum wage is something an entire family could live off of, but a single adult living alone could make ends meet. You must also take into account what would happen if minimum wage did increase.

If minimum wage increased, what would most likely happen is everything else would catch back up to that rate, in turn, driving up the cost of living. The good thing about minimum wage is that it exists in the first place. The federal and state governments have set forth laws that ensure everyone is paid at least a livable wage (WHD, 2017). Texas senator Ted Cruz agrees that minimum wage should not be significantly increased, “…Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio oppose the president’s plan to raise the minimum wage to $10. 10 from the $7. 25 it’s at now” (Bykowicz, 2015).

Ted Cruz also mentions the damaging effects of raising minimum wage again while a presidential candidate, “The undeniable reality, the undeniable truth, is if the President succeeded in raising the minimum wage it would cost jobs for the most vulnerable” (Presidential Candidates, 2016). Minimum wage is a touchy subject but ultimately, I think raising minimum wage would only do more harm than good. Gun rights laws have always been a bit controversial. People everywhere have their own opinion on what citizens should and should not be allowed to own regarding guns.

Part of this confusion is due to the second amendment of the constitution. The constitution reads, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” (Second Amendment, 2010). Many people interpret this differently. Some say this means police and the military should only be allowed to possess and own guns. I believe that citizens should be able to own guns to protect their land, hunt, and defend themselves and their families.

When looking at the reason behind the second amendment it was put in place to protect the common people from an out of control and powerful government. Since the police and the military are the government, I feel citizens should also carry guns in such cases that they would be required for protection. In the court case McDonald v. Chicago, there were questions as to whether the second amendments applied to the states through the 14th amendment’s due process laws. The reason for this court case was because Chicago put a ban on firearms in their city.

The supreme court in a 5-4 decision ruled that the 14th amendment makes the second amendment’s right to bear arms for self-defense applicable to all states (McDonald v. Chicago, 2017). Victoria, Texas, the 27th district’s, representative from the house is Blake Farenthold. Farenthold believes that disarming citizens is not a solution to gun problems in the united states. He also does not believe in the gun-control legislation currently in place (U. S. House of Representatives, 2013). Senator John Cornyn is in favor of background checks of individuals purchasing guns in order to prevent mass shootings like the one in Tucson.

Cornyn believes had some of these individuals involved in these mass shootings been thoroughly checked to reveal such things as mental illness, some of these terrible tragedies could have been avoided (John Cornyn on Gun Control, 2016). I agree with both senator John Cornyn and congressmen Blake Farenthold. I do not oppose all kinds of gun control, in fact I employ certain gun restrictions, I just simply believe in the right for everyday working class citizens to bear arms for protective purposes. Growing up in a conservative town in a conservative state has definitely shaped my political views.

Although I have always had a strong republican influence in my life, I still consider myself to be moderate on the political spectrum. I believe it is important to have your own political ideology and views because we, the people, are what make up the government. I feel I have adequately represented a small portion of my views in regards to gun control as well as the state at which minimum wage should be held at. Although many will disagree with my opinions and views, I will always stick up for my beliefs while also encouraging differences in opinion because that is what makes America the greatest country in the world.

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