Gun Violence

Another teenager lays dying in the streets of Chicago, gasping for their last breath of air before becoming another statistic in the rising violent crime rate produced by guns. This has become an all too familiar scenario for families living not only in Chicago, but inner cities throughout the United States. Mainstream media would like … Read more

Argumentative Essay About Tupac Death

In discussions of controversies, one issue that has been on the mouths of plenty for many years has been the death of the hiphop artist Tupac Shakur. On the night of September, 7th, 1996, Tupac Shakur was claimed to be shot. On the morning of September 13th, 1996, Tupac Shakur was pronounced dead. The headlines … Read more

Personal Narrative: Stand Your Ground Law Essay

It’s not a secret that there is still injustice and racism amongst the African American community. Too often I hear and read these type of stories about us protecting ourselves or our loved in return going to jail for it. And a lot of time these type of stories always seems to only consist of … Read more

Should Open Carry Be Allowed? Essay

In today’s time, open carry is discussed by both politicians and the common man, but should it be allowed? Would open carry add to the danger that is already present in society today, or would it help in reducing crime and many other dangers that exist today? While both sides of this argument can be … Read more

Safe School Shootings Essay

School: is it Safe? Schools are supposed to be a safe environment for students to learn and thrive, not an environment of constant alertness and anxiousness. Families should not feel nervous or apprehensive to send their children to school because they are not sure of their safe return home. Because of how common school shootings … Read more

Why Is Gun Control Wrong Essay

Gun Control. This has been a divisive topic for centuries, ever since the creation of guns in the late 1700’s. Many people see guns as their right and often point to the 2nd Amendment in the U. S, which gives all people and groups such as the NRA, the right to carry guns no matter … Read more

Arguments Against Gun Control Laws In The United States Essay

Many believe that gun control will keep the United States safer. Afterall, if laws supporting gun control were formed, no criminals will have access to guns, right? Think again. There are multiple arguments occurring currently pertaining gun control. Democratic or republican, liberal or conservative, every person has their own opinion on gun control. While some … Read more

Gun Violence Good Or Bad Analysis Essay

Do Emotions Change Your Personal Views: Gun Violence Take a second to think about your personal political position on gun laws, now imagine you or someone close to you is harmed or involved in a form of gun violence. Would your views change on the subject or make you u believe in them even more? … Read more

Pro Gun Control Essay

In the United States, 88. 8 out of 100 people own at least one firearm (Morris). A common misconception in today’s society is that these firearms are the root of all crime. Gun control is unconstitutional, illogical, and Nazi esque. In fact, more guns would be an improvement to our nation. Guns are a right … Read more

Anti Gun Culture Essay

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution states that, “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” (U. S. Const. Am. 2). This amendment guarantees American citizens the right to have firearms. Since this amendment is … Read more

Pistol 19 Case Study Essay

In the case of scenario two, the shooting incident was taken place in a crowd of people when an individual was delivering speech on a slightly raised podium at a range of 25m. A low popping sound was heard by most people in the crowd but the shooter or the gun was not seen by … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Bullet Proof Clothing Essay

Is bullet proof clothing helpful and should it be made? Over the years the world has used bullet proof clothing to protect many people. It’s mainly used in military and police regimes. Bulletproof vests are mainly used on a daily basis by these forces. These vest are a type of modern light armor specifically designed … Read more

The Colt Six Shooter

The colt six shooter will always be a legend to Texas. Whether you know it as an accurate, cowboy, Texas Ranger, gun-slinging, out West, corral gun, or as a little protection, the colt will never be forgotten in Texas. Sam Colt is known as the inventor of the first revolving firearm. Sam’s mother died when … Read more