Andrew Jackson Hero Essay

When it comes to American Presidents, there are few who are as controversial as Andrew Jackson. Jackson served as the seventh President of the United States from 1829 to 1837, and was a polarizing figure during his time in office. Supporters praised him as a champion of the common man, while critics condemned him as … Read more

John Tyler Foreign Policy Essay

Lastly, John Tyler’s foreign policies ran very fluently, picking up on how vital the Asian Pacific region was to trade, he sent a strategic group of individuals over on a journey. This resulted in strong relations with the country. Another foreign affair involved putting a stop to a bloody war with the Seminoles, This ended … Read more

Era Of Good Feelings Essay

The changing nation reflected a growing sense of national pride in the United States during the Era of Good Feelings when United States citizens had a gleaming sense of nationalism and didn’t really care what the government did, The Age of Jackson when lower class citizens were just happy to have a president that wasn’t … Read more

Was Andrew Jackson a good president

Andrew Jackson was born in a backwoods settlement in the Carolinas in 1776. His parents, Scotch-Irish folk, came to America two years before his birth. His mother was widowed while pregnant with him. At age 13, Andrew joined a regiment. He and his brother were both captured and imprisoned together by the British. Their mother … Read more