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Essay On Border Wall

During these day, President Trump is the hottest topic since he won the election because his campaigns cause many arguments day by day. He is the first president who took many changes in American economy and politics even though there are many people think otherwise. The most unbelievable order is on Jan. 25, when President Trump signed an executive order to construct a wall along the United States’ southern border is inflaming relations between the United States and Mexico, strongly affects to American politics and economy, and damage to the environment; and so, in my opinion, his decision is just ignorant and wasted.

Firstly, building a border wall not only affects to relations between the United States and Mexico but also American economy. Building a border wall firstly affects to human rights. In my opinion, I think Trump’s order is violation of human rights – since I think immigration rights is essentially as human rights. I do not think that the construction of a border wall, the deportation of members of Mexican families, splitting them up, and sending them back to their home. I do not think that it’s a good solution for illegal immigration.

It’s easy to see that after the signing of border wall order, the United States ecame a country that has weak politic country which faces with many chaotics and protests along the border walI. Hundreds of Mexicans have protested against Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along America’s Southern border by making a human chain. Up to 1,500 Mexicans, many of them students, linked arms and waved banners along the Rio Grande, near the city of Ciudad Juarez. “Hand in hand we show a national unity that makes no distinction between people,” said Senator Armando Rios Piter, one of several politicians who addressed the protest. Mexico is more than a wall.

“A congressional leader in Mexico climbed the order fence between San Diego and Tijuana and posted the video and images on social media Thursday, March 1st, 2017. Besides, US-Mexican relations have plunged to their lowest point in decades since Trump took office on Jan. 20. Trump, who launched his presidential campaign calling Mexican immigrants “criminals” and “rapists,” has infuriated the United States’ southern neighbor with his plan to stop illegal migration by building a wall on the border.

Moreover, building border wall effects to American economy since it’s wasted a lot of money since the border wall is a huge construction. It has ranged wildly rom $1 million per mile to $15 million per mile, depending on where the fence goes. At that price, fencing for 2,000 miles would cost between $2 billion and $30 billions. However, it is not only just building it up. We also have to do many maintenance to keep up and it will cost a lot of more money than we estimated.

It became more ridiculous when Trump said that he would ask Mexico to pay for that border wall even though that is his own decision. Do you think it’s fair to do that? It seems like America is a cat and asks the mouse, Mexico to do whatever it wants unless it will kill the mouse. Secondly, Trump’s Border Wall is catastrophic for environment and not only don’t just keep people out but also pen people in. If we actually build this border wall, it will become an environmental catastrophe; especially, it will make a cut line through the natural bridge between Central America and North and South America.

Many of the animals that live in North America, evolved in South America and migrated along this natural causeway”“. So, it would definitely be an absolutely devastating for the environment. For example, there are so many bird species will be critically affected because of the migration during the construction; and lso it will happen the same way for many threatened and endangered species including ocelots, gray wolf, and jaguars since they might become extinct after this issue.

Besides, “those 1,954 miles cover just about every sort of terrain you can imagine-valley, mountain, desert, river, Indian reservation, private land, state property. ” It has a extremely big carbon footprint due to the construction because concrete, fuel, and transportation will require a large source of energy. Some engineers estimate that this construction can require up to 3 times more workmanship than the Hoover Dam did. Therefore, order wall’s construction could be one of the most environmentally catastrophic that America ever has.

Last but not least, “walls really do not solve any of the problems that we have. ” This border walls only can divide us to two parts, out of the United States and in the United States There are millions undocumented immigrants who are Mexican American resident no long think about going home for holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Mother’s Day as they used to because they do not know whether it’s the last moment they can live in the United States.

They are always afraid of they might not be able o live here anymore and will be sending back to their country if they leave. However, the number of illegal immigrants is actually decreasing these few years since there are more Mexicans rathered returning to their countries to stay with their family after the working condition improved than who wanted to stay in the United States. In other words, there were more American jobs created by Mexicans returning to Mexico than “stolen” by new illegal immigrants entering the country.

Moreover, the border wall is already criticized for being easy to get through by using some methods such as digging under that wall, or even sing boat to travel through the Pacific Coast to get into the United States. Though it has never been proven before, analysts believe that most of illegal immigrants get into America by air. Even though Trump’s rhetoric mostly focuses on illegal immigrants who entry America without fully inspection, most illegal immigrants actually come into America by their visa then simply stay despite of expired visa.

These are known as “overstays. ” They come from many other countries than Mexico such as Europe, Canada, Asia, South America, Africa, and all around the world. If we want to reduce the illegal immigrants, e should focus on identifying any cases of being overstay and %3D make sure that the visitors would return back on time. In this case, I do not think the border wall can help anything about against illegal immigration.

For example, in May 5th, there are 12 swimmers from the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Israel and South Africa were accompanied by a Mexican Navy ship as they swam across the border wall in Mexico to support for immigrants, and especially Mexican immigrants. They could reach a beach in Tijuana, just a short distance away from a border fence. It can see that it is not a hard work if someone ants to enter America by swimming. Even the world is standing by Mexican immigrants side and protests for them, then why would we be critical and mean to them?

In making an important decision which could be a good or bad thing to a country, a president should ask for ideas and comments about his decision unless the country would be worse. “Good leaders do not make decisions on bad assumptions. Good leaders don’t rely on “alternative facts. “” Instead of building an expensive but useless wall, Congress prefers to use money more wisely such as taking a careful step in reestablishing the law of illegal immigrants. They should lighten their security in the airport for the travelers to not make them become illegal immigrants for overstaying after expired visa.

Lawmakers also could help in fixing the migration system by providing more information and resources about the immigration system of America so the visitors and immigration can understand better than just saying that what they did is illegal and try to block all of the people even though there are some legal immigrants who haven’t come to the United States yet. Instead of making the United States become a chaotic country, let just ‘make America great again. “

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