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Arguments Against Gun Control Laws In The United States Essay

Many believe that gun control will keep the United States safer. Afterall, if laws supporting gun control were formed, no criminals will have access to guns, right? Think again. There are multiple arguments occurring currently pertaining gun control. Democratic or republican, liberal or conservative, every person has their own opinion on gun control. While some people believe that gun control will keep Americans safe and protected, others believe that it will leave the country in chaos.

Gun control laws should not be passed because the crime rate will increase, civilians will lose protection, and Americans who feel it is their ight to be able to own a gun will not be afraid to stand up to the government. One of the most heated topics when it comes to gun control is crime rate. While some Americans believe that the crime will increase dramatically if guns are banned, others believe the exact opposite. If guns were to be banned, crime rate would increase. There is proof of this in the United States currently because of certain states that have gun control laws already.

Washington D. C. has had gun control laws prohibiting any individual from owning a handgun ever since 1976. It is now known as “the murder state of the country” (Will You Be Safer If Guns Are Banned). Washington D. C’s overall crime rate is about 73%. The United states overall crime rate is 11%. If the entire country follows Washington D. C. ‘s lead, the overall crime rate will increase significantly. Even if gun control laws are passed, who says that will keep guns out of criminals’ hands? Guns are definitely not the only choice of weapon for criminals while committing a crime.

Banning guns could increase the crime rate for other weapons such as knives and hammers. Many countries have very strict gun control laws, and have much higher crime rates than the United States. Therefore, the most important variable in crime is not firearm regulation (The Dishonest Gun Control Debate). It is not the guns that are causing the problem, it is the people who own the guns. It does not matter whether or not gun control laws are passed, a criminal will be able to get their hands on a gun one way or another.

Banning guns will only give criminals more of an opportunity to harm innocent civilians, causing the crime rate to increase. Creating gun control laws will take away something that all Americans should be able to have. It will take away everyday citizens sense of safety and security. If gun control laws are passed, average American citizens will not have anything to protect themselves against criminals. “42% of all Americans will be the victim of a completed violent crime (assault, robbery, rape) in the course of their lives” (Gun Control Facts).

Parents will not be able to protect children, people will not be able to protect themselves, and criminals will have the upperhand in all scenarios. Knowing that could cause more distress and discomfort emotionally,as well as physically. Creating gun control laws will leave United States citizens unprotected and unsafe. Americans use guns for protection way too often to ban them. If the United States bans guns, most law-abiding citizens will agree to give up their guns while criminals keep theirs, leaving citizens way less protected than before.

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” (PErez- pena, Richard). Research shows that United States civilians use guns for protection at least 989,883 times per year. Americans should be able to have a gun around to provide security. Not being able to have a gun around in case of an emergency will decrease the amount of protection, stability, and safety for the verage American. The second amendment states that all American citizens have the right to bare arms.

If the government were to pass gun control laws, there would be numerous Americans who would not be afraid to stand up for what they believe. Banning guns could cause political warfare between the United States Government and people. “Regardless of penalties for disobedience, many Americans will not peacefully surrender their guns. Many normally honest and law-abiding citizens will lie, evade, and even kill to protect their rights” (Will You Be Safer If Guns Are Banned). Banning guns could cause conflicts within the United States way beyond gun control.

As of now, most Americans believe it is their right to be able to own and activate a weapon for self-defense purposes. Many believe that the reason America has never been invaded in any war so far is because so many American civilians have guns. Other countries feel as if they are fighting not only the United States Mmilitia, but also every other American civilian with a gun. The Uunited States has around 300 million available guns that any citizen over eighteen can legally own (Will You Be Safer If Guns Are Banned). Banning guns could cause conflicts with outside countries.

American citizens would have no problem fighting the government for their gun rights, especially if they believe it will keep other countries from invading America. Creating gun control laws could create major problems within the United States and with outside countries. There are many different variations of gun control. It could be that just one group of people are banned from using guns, certain types of guns are banned from all people, or all guns are banned from all people. There are multiple questions and rguments around what type of gun control laws ill be created, if any at all.

Many gun control advocates believe that if gun control laws were to be passed, only semi-automatic handguns would be banned, so Americans could have some sort of protection. (“Gun Control”). Although these people may be correct to start out with, the NRA (National Rifle Association) believes differently. “The NRA believe that any form of gun control will lead to a complete ban on the private possession of firearms” (“Gun Control”). It does not matter what kind of gun control laws are passed, they will most likely end up turning into he complete ban of firearms.

Creating gun control laws would create discomfort in the United States because of increased crime rates, anxiousness because of lack of protection, and anger because of the rights that are being taken away from American citizens. United States citizens need to be able to protect themselves for whatever comes their way. As a country, the United States will stand up for their rights and do whatever it takes to gain back freedom if it is ever lost. Americans have always had the right to bare arms and nothing has changed, so neither should the countries rights.

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