Price Of Innocence Examples

My sister Jessica Dobb worked as a social worker for ______________. While working with there she came crossed countless hopeless situations with young children. One story that has stayed in her mind and this young girl’s name is Maddie. Maddie was a young four-year-old girl was when she was first sold into sex trafficking by … Read more

Lack Of Human Trafficking In The United States

Alas, no gender, age, nor ethnicity is exempt from the global crisis of human trafficking. However, the victims are not dispersed evenly throughout the planet. The International Labour Organization (ILO) has concluded that the over half of all trafficked persons, for a total of 11. 7 million slaves, come from the Asia-Pacific region. Meanwhile, the … Read more

Essay on Examples Of Due Process Violations

Central American families encounter overwhelming obstacles to due process in detention; for example, the process of expedited removal places families who are eligible for asylum at risk of deportation. Although refugees in removal proceedings have the right to legal aid, nearly 40% of all detention facilities are located 60 miles or from a metro area … Read more

Modern Slavery In Afghanistan Essay

Modern slavery, also known as human trafficking, is present and prevalent in today’s world. As stated by the International Labour Organization, upwards of 20 million individuals are in forced labor around the world, and globally, $150 billion is generated each year. A report from the United Nations states that women and children make up 70% … Read more