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Affirmative Action And Discrimination

Throughout most of America’s history there have been several ethnic groups such as women, African Americans, and immigrants who have been discriminated and denied irrefutable rights. This is corrupt as men and women are created equal and together we are one human race despite our distinctions. Several pieces of legislation hold upon this truth to be self-evident. For instance, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. Subsequently, everyone should have an equal chance to prosper in this world, at school, and in the workplace. That is why the United States legalized and put Affirmative Action into place. Accordingly, Affirmative Action is an action or policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination, particularly in relation to employment or education. However, it is often argued that Affirmative Action is no longer needed because it’s a form of discrimination Regardless of this, Affirmative action has played a significant role in helping minorities obtain equal opportunities that have been denied to them.

Therefore, it is imperative to continue to utilize affirmative Action to ensure a balance and equilibrium of equality until we see the change we demand upon. As previously stated, to achieve the goal of equality and see upon the change we demand, we need to continue fostering Affirmative Action. In addition, it is imperative to maintain equality as discrimination has attacked our nation since it’s founded. If we wish to follow the doctrine of equality that the Founding Fathers of this nation established, then we should continue using Affirmative Action.

For instance, the article “The Case for Affirmative Action” states “We Must keep affirmative action – and keep refining it. It is a small but significant way to compensate victims of slavery, Jim Crow Laws, discrimination and immigration restrictions… Affirmative action admissions policies seek to realign the balance of power and opportunity by doing what is, at heart, quite simple: affirmatively including the formerly excluded. ” This proves how Affirmative Action is a significant step toward the road to equality.

Today, we might think discrimination towards minorities is gone and that they have been given equal rights and are seen equality as others, but it’s not true. For instance, this can be observed in the education system where minorities face a great issue when applying to colleges because most of them are being discriminated. For example, the article “ ” quotes “Without affirmative action, minority students may be less likely to attend elite colleges.

At UC Berkeley, the number of African Americans admitted dropped from 562 to 191 after the school stopped using race as one aspect of admissions decisions. ” This might not appear significant but as time continues there would be less and less opportunities for African Americans. Therefore, we need Affirmative action to ameliorate this affair through a process in which it compensates African Americans by granting them more opportunities to enhance in life. If we don’t do something, then this can impinge on minorities in the future

Several ways in which minorities can be negatively affected in the future is that when it comes to obtaining opportunities such as degrees and jobs, minorities are overlooked. Subsequently, Affirmative Action vastly contributes to providing equality in the working industry. Additionally, most of this injustice can be track down back in the education system where the ideology that minorities are not smart enough to attend college developed, affecting their opportunities.

According to the article “The Case for Affirmative action’’ it states “Last year, only 1,455 African Americans received PhDs in the United States. During the same year, 24, 608 whites were awarded PhDs. The truth is that while America has made progress on racial issues, these changes are recent, vulnerable to being reversed and in fact nowhere near completed. ” Furthermore, as previously stated, racial issues are not near gone. For instance, women have been looked upon as less than men and continue to be looked upon like that today.

Thus, they are being disenfranchised and discriminated. An example, could be seen in the article “24 Important statistics on Affirmative Action in the workplace” which states “A woman with a Master’s degree makes 4,765 less on average than a man with an undergraduate degree. ” This proves how inequality and discrimination still roams around our nation and should therefore, be eliminated through affirmative action. Finally, immigrants that came to this country seeking the various opportunities they have heard of, are also being critically discriminated.

This group of people have experienced discrimination in various degrees. For instance, the article “24 Important Statistics on Affirmative Action in the Workplace”, quotes “Whites are offered jobs 52% more often than Latino applicants when skill sets, experienced, and education are all similar. ” This justifies to why Affirmative Action is still needed in our society. At the same time, many individuals argue that affirmative action is just another form of discriminatory system against white people and it doesn’t aid with eliminating discrimination but, rather enforcing it.

They postulate that this is creating a mutual circumstance in our society. Ostensibly, through Affirmative action white people are seen to be discriminated. For instance the article “ states “…a white California man who was twice denied admission to the University of California Medical School at Devis. In an effort to promote equality, the school’s policy was to reserve 16 percent of it’ admission places for minorities. Bakke was denied twice because of the school’s quota system, despite having higher grades and test scores.

It is true that affirmative action harms white people’s opportunities toward college acceptance conversely, minorities had to experienced and faced this type of discrimination for a longer period. Moreover, affirmative action is one of a few programs that has been established and it has created several opportunities to help minorities. If affirmative action is eliminated think of the many minorities that won’t be able to enhance in life only because they don’t have the same opportunity as other individuals. Then would this nation be the land of opportunity?

Furthermore, the article “24 Important Statistics on Affirmative Action in the Workplace” states “In 1997, the University of California -San Diego School of Medicine did not admit a single one of their 196 black applicants. ” Various individuals may argue that white people are being discriminated but, for a white individual that is being discriminated many more minorities are. For instance, as stated in the previous quote not one of their 196 black applicants were admitted to the University of California. Therefore, Affirmative Action is still needed in society.

In conclusion, affirmative action has been established to address the issue of discrimination towards the best interest of the nation as throughout most of American history several ethnic group has been treated in an unethical manner. Additionally, the chief purpose of Affirmative Action is to grant minorities equal rights that have been denied to them. It functions by creating employment programs designed to remedy discriminatory practices in the educational system and working industry for minority group members.

To add on, it has been functioning by eliminate existing and continuing discrimination, to remedy effects of past discrimination. Even though, several people advocate that Affirmative Action is another form of discriminator system it is not completely true. This is because affirmative action was established to diffuse equality in the nation. Finally, achieving equality and justice can transform a nation in splendid ways. It can bring upon diversity, fairness and social justice. Therefore affirmative action is still needed in our society.

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