Essay about Kenneth Athol Interview

Interviewing Kenneth Athol was rather easy and straight to the point. His interview was well said although not thought out straight. He fascinated me the most out of everyone because now after college, he works at a restaurant. He earns a high salary as well which is rather good. He only earned his associate degree … Read more

Essay On Becoming A Cosmetologist

Becoming a cosmetologist hasn’t been easy. There are bumps and turns, meltdowns, breakdowns, and many nights studying. Along with the hard parts there are many amazing parts. I found a family that has made me feel like a whole person. My journey is far from over. I have so much more to learn. I can’t … Read more

How Tourette Syndrome Reflection Essay

Front Of the class: How Tourette Syndrome made me the teacher I never had, allowed me to know about an actual child’s life growing up with Tourette’s. While reading the book I actually felt the emotions he was feeling all his life growing up. It is incredible to know all that a child can do … Read more

Importance Of Professionalism In Social Work Essay

During placement I have been responsible for organising my diary and managing my caseload. I have completed this task fairly well as I have remained punctual and not double-booked appointments. My caseload has, at times, been fairly heavy and demanding, yet I have still ensured that I have been reliable and competent at meeting deadlines. … Read more