Essay On Becoming A Cosmetologist

Becoming a cosmetologist hasn’t been easy. There are bumps and turns, meltdowns, breakdowns, and many nights studying. Along with the hard parts there are many amazing parts. I found a family that has made me feel like a whole person. My journey is far from over. I have so much more to learn. I can’t … Read more

How Tourette Syndrome Reflection Essay

Front Of the class: How Tourette Syndrome made me the teacher I never had, allowed me to know about an actual child’s life growing up with Tourette’s. While reading the book I actually felt the emotions he was feeling all his life growing up. It is incredible to know all that a child can do … Read more

Importance Of Professionalism In Social Work Essay

During placement I have been responsible for organising my diary and managing my caseload. I have completed this task fairly well as I have remained punctual and not double-booked appointments. My caseload has, at times, been fairly heavy and demanding, yet I have still ensured that I have been reliable and competent at meeting deadlines. … Read more