Good Student Essays

There is no one perfect formula for becoming a good student at university, but there are certainly some key things that will help you on your way. Read on for our top tips on how to become a good student. 1. Get organised One of the most important things you can do as a student … Read more

Stress Impact On Health Essay

Stress is a common problem among students. Stress can lead to many health problems, including sleep problems. Stress can also cause academic problems. It is important for students to find ways to manage their stress. There are many ways to do this, such as exercise, relaxation, and time management. Stress can have a big impact … Read more

Type Of Students Essay

College and university students come in all shapes and sizes. Some are fresh out of high school, while others are returning to school after a break. Some are full-time students, while others are balancing school with work and family responsibilities. And of course, there are all different kinds of intelligence levels, interests, and goals. But … Read more

Effects Of Social Media Essay

Social media has become one of the most popular forms of communication, particularly among young people. While social media can have many positive effects, it can also have a negative impact on students. Social media can affect students in a number of ways, both positively and negatively. On the positive side, social media can be … Read more

Student Ambassador Essays

Leadership and Student Ambassadors are two very important roles within a school. Leaders help to run the school and student ambassadors represent the student body. Both roles are important in shaping the culture and community of a school. Leadership is all about taking charge and responsibility. Leaders are the ones who make decisions that affect … Read more

The Role Of The Bystander Effect In An Elevator

Bystander Effect in an Elevator Humans are unique in their social cognition because they make decisions based on their representations of reality. When trying to understand why people react or do not react, you must look at “the state of the world and the mental states (i. e, intentions, beliefs, desire)” (Buttelmann & Buttelmann, 2016, … Read more

Why I Use Trigger Warnings Essay

A common debate in many American Universities has emerged regarding the necessity for trigger warnings in class syllabi as an attempt to warn every student of offensive and triggering material that they may not want to discuss. Although it may seem important to give notice to students of scandalous or offensive material, the addition of … Read more

Pay for Student Athletes

The NCAA for years now has had many strict rules and regulations on student athletes. One of the most controversial of these rules is the issue of whether student athletes should be paid or receive any form of monetary compensation. The NCAA rules committee has stood strong on its stand that athletes who receive scholarships … Read more

The Effects of a College Environment on a Students Health

When one goes away to college, their life changes dramatically. They are forced to make changes in their own lives in order to adapt to college life. When one is in high school and living at home, their eating habits and personal hygiene practices are for the most part controlled by their parents. They are … Read more

Why do College Students Drunk so Much

Alcohol abuse on college campuses has reached a point where it is far more destructive than most people and today realize and today threatens too many of our youth. -Senator Joe Lieberman Why do college students drink so much? This timeless fad has effected this generation in high percentages since the beginning of college education. … Read more