Compare Writing Styles

William Byrd and William Bradford were two very different writers. Byrd was a courtier and member of the aristocracy, while Bradford was a simple farmer and Puritan. This difference is reflected in their writing styles. Byrd’s writing style is highly formal and ornate. He often uses flowery language and complicated sentence structures. His tone is … Read more

Anne Shitty First Draft Analysis

One semester and it is all over. We have been given this limited amount of time to learn valued writing traits to take with us the rest of our college career. Teaching “Writing, Rhetoric, and American Culture” with the theme of “Women in America” seems to be no easy feat for any professor, but somehow … Read more

Low Stakes Writing Essay

Academic writing or scholarly writing is an essential part of all academic fields. It is the way things are analyzed and the way knowledge is shared. There are many types of academic writing; each type has a specific purpose. There is scientific writing like lab reports or articles. There is also academic writing used for … Read more

Kaboneye’s Learning Log

The very first day that I assessed Kaboneye’s reading comprehension level, I brought in three different levels of running records. I let her look them over and read the one that she felt most comfortable with. Kaboneye was able to read all of the words with considerable ease, but when I asked her what she … Read more

Narrative Essay: My Sticky Tradition

The prewriting method I had chosen for my narrative essay was freewriting. The reason why I chose that method is because of the topic I was given. The topic was my family’s traditional food. So, because the topic is about my family, I thought it would be easier to free write since it’s based on … Read more