Critique Of “The Purposes Of Liberal Education”

Whether you have designs on medical or culinary school, the importance of perspective taking is paramount to success. This is the crux of Henry Rosovsky’s argument in favor of a liberal education as the foundation for all other academic endeavors. Henry Rosovsky is a former dean of Harvard College and in the essay “The Purposes … Read more

10 Websites To Make You Smarter

With so many great resources on the internet just about everything that you would ever want to know is available online in this special edition can be useful websites series I will show you 10 websites that will expand your knowledge base make you smarter some of these will be well known sites along with … Read more

Teaching Children with Special needs

What is special education? Special education is also referred to as special Ed. This entails teaching challenged students who have special needs in a way which addresses all their needs individually. It involves teaching procedures that are individually planned and systematically monitored (Ainscow, 2006, p.29).These interventions are designed in a way that they help individuals … Read more

How LTSM Can Be A Bridge Between Learners And Reality?

There is a gap between learner and reality. Teaching material is a term used to describe the resources used by teachers to deliver instructions. Learner Teacher Support Material is the combination of all collected material prescribed by the Department of Education, District and a School for Teaching and Learning to be a success. According to … Read more

Millennials: The Me, Myself, And I Generation

Millennials always think they’ve got it all figured out….until the day they realize they don’t. Time Magazine’s publication of Joel Stein’s The Me, Me, Me Generation and Andrea McAlister’s article Teaching the Millennial Generation depicted their thoughts about that dreaded day for millennials when they realized that they don’t have it all figured out. Both … Read more

Critical Reflection On Providing Supervision And Mentoring Support To Others Within The Work Place Through Teaching, Learning And Assessment

The purpose of this essay is to critically reflect on providing supervision and mentoring support to others within the work place through teaching, learning and assessment. Evidence will be drawn from knowledge and understanding of theories and principles in practice of supervising and mentoring people within the work place, and how it fits into the … Read more

Secondary Science Teacher Career Analysis

After obtaining a bachelors degree in science, most people begin to scour the job market. Many people may find difficulty obtaining a job pertaining to science without a masters degree. Rather than give up people tend to explore their options. Some people continue their education to ensure their success in the science industry. Others explore … Read more