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Personal Narrative: My Trip To Whistler Mountain Essay

As a student I find myself seated in front of a computer screen for long hours at a time; likewise, it is my obligation as a student to use technology as a resource to further my comprehension in my degree. In my opinion a good excuse to be seated in front of a computer for long hours. It is easy to say that I find a lot of inspiration form online sources, blogs, and social media – which I do – however, I feel most inspired when I step away from the computer screen. I find inspiration in the ordinary; I love to travel and see new things, in this case this is where I found my inspiration.

Along my travels to Whistler Mountain in previous winters I saw a portion of land that was clear-cut, but one tree stood alone covered in snow. This piece of artwork that I created captures the mundaneness of an arctic winder night and the utopia of the barren tree. Painting is a medium of artwork that I have never endeavored in. I used the encouragement that this class gave me to try something new, and applied it to painting. Previously I have been very hesitant to try something new. This assignment allowed me to endeavor into something that I have never explored before.

I used this assignment as a stepping-stone to try new things. I attended several painting classes to build new techniques and visions. I felt quite under qualified to attend these painting classes; however, the encouragement that this class and also the painting classes gave me let me thrive in a new environment. My uncle had an astounding career in painting, specifically in acrylic paint. Subsequently, I have been intrigued with this form of artwork from a very young age. Growing up, my uncle painted portraits of me at different stages in his life.

He used experiences in his life and applied that to his canvas. I wanted to use a small portion of his creativity in my painting; moreover, my life experiences in traveling have been reflected on my canvas. The combination of the encouragement instilled in me through this course and my uncles creative gave me the initiative to pursue this piece of artwork. As we learnt in class, you are influenced by everyone and everything around you. As I have referenced before, my uncle has greatly influenced me in the artwork I have produced.

His creative inspiration has pored over into my creation, thus my artwork is a branch of his creative intuition. From what I have learnt in class I had to let go of the notion of being totally original. This allowed me to put my ideological spin on his previous creations to make something completely new. Although painting of personal life experiences was my uncle’s main creative source, I borrowed that perception and put a personal twist on it. Referenced from class, we copy, transform, and combine many ideas that in turn create variations and new designs derived from an original piece of work.

My painting that I created for this assignment does have a personal connotation and attachment to myself. In my life | have been lucky enough to travel to striking places around the world. I believe that this assignment allowed me to express some of my experiences on the canvas. Specifically, traveling to Whistler Mountain with my family in previous winters I saw very distinguishable pieces of land that where intruded by humans. One piece of nature that stood out in my mind was a single tree that survived in the middle of the barren land. I believe my painting represents the change that we experience.

Moreover, the more change we experience the stronger we become as a result of the experiences and hardships we face. The clear-cut land shows severe change; furthermore, the strong solemn tree represents how change can make us stronger. My painting also holds meaning of solidarity. Every year I travel to Whistler Mountain with my family. Every year since I was twelve I have lived away from home. Moreover, this yearly trip to Whistler Mountain was a getaway to spend time with my family and cherish these memorable moments. This trip was one of the only moments I got to spend commending time with my family.

Since these trips are such a rarity, they hold a prodigious meaning to me, and as a reflection so does this painting. This painting and assignment holds many personal attachments within my life. I learnt not to be afraid of trying something new. As I have previously stated, I am a very hesitant person when it comes to trying something that I have never endeavored into before. I have never striven into the medium of painting before, and it was a great experience trying something new. I discovered that you could learn a great deal about yourself by trying new experiences.

In this case, I discovered that I am a courageous person. Before this I have never been able to express my experiences and feelings in a socially adequate way. I was able to use the medium of painting to do so. This paining class had a great creative atmosphere. I have never experienced such a unique and creative way of learning something new. In this class, you sat down with a group of people in a bar, and where taught different ways of painting. I specifically enjoyed the fact that you could attend these classes with your friends in a bar.

Personally, I believed that this aspect of the class lessened the social anxiety that usually restricts me from trying new activities. In these paining classes they gave you guidelines on how to complete a piece of artwork. Moreover, they did not tell you that you had to paint something one specific way. They allowed you to apply your own creative thoughts on the piece of artwork; thus, everyone’s artwork was creative and unique in their own way. I believe if you are willing to push your limits and boundaries that you will broaden your social and intellectual spectrums.

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