An In-depth View Of Political Institutions

Political institutions throughout modern governance have played a fundamental role in the operation and management of our society and its affairs. Through changing times it is evident that institutions have remained at the core of human civilization and its development. Political institutions can be defined and synthesized as enduring governing arrangements guided by norms and … Read more

Ecological Systems Theory: How The Surroundings Can Affect The Development Of The Child

For this research, the researcher relates to the ecological systems theory to explain the experiences of child headed households and how they survive in their everyday life where they are exposed to abuse, hunger, poverty, harm and lack parental-guardian relationship or guidance which is vital for child development. Ecological systems theory Bronfenbrenner developed his ecological … Read more

The theories on human development

In the history of psychology, there have been many different fields of interest. Human development, especially, has been one of the interesting fields of study for many psychologists. Freud, Erikson, and Piaget are all great theorists with similar, but different, ideas of human development. Their theories on human development had human beings passing through different … Read more

John Santrock’s Theories on Human Development

Development theories are collective concepts and visions of theories that explains desirable transition in the society. These theories are often based on social principles and science disciplines approaches. In the Essentials of Lifespan Development publication, John Santrock has demonstrated a number of theories with regards to human development. This paper highlights the concepts and principles … Read more

Linking HRD Strategy to Organizational Needs

Human Resource Development is a function of human resource management in most organizations. The link between human resource development flows from the organizational objectives. Organizational objectives are the long range goals of the organization that provide guidance in making decisions such as effective and efficient human resource development programs. The organizational objectives are implemented through … Read more