Research Paper On Roald Dahl

Fiction stories are believed to be made up and imaginary. You have no idea what the author’s mindset was when they had written their story. You would expect the author would have some form of connection with his or her writing, but you would not know or could guess what it was without personally knowing … Read more

Purpose Of First Draft

When students must write an essay they often struggle with the starting process of coming up with the idea and once they’ve even done that they may struggle with figuring out how to start it. This makes writing the first draft the hardest, especially for inexperienced writers, for example student writers, who often feel like … Read more

Kaboneye’s Learning Log

The very first day that I assessed Kaboneye’s reading comprehension level, I brought in three different levels of running records. I let her look them over and read the one that she felt most comfortable with. Kaboneye was able to read all of the words with considerable ease, but when I asked her what she … Read more

Marcus Luttrells Operation Redwing Essay

Author’s Purpose: Marcus Luttrell’s purpose in writing this book was to tell the heroic story of the Navy SEALs that died in Operation Redwing. He wanted to describe, in detail, what it takes to become a Navy SEAL and what it takes to survive at war. In addition, Luttrell’s purpose was to remember his lost … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Goals In My Writing Essay

I came into Writing with 39B with the same goal I came into Writing 39A: to become a better writer. Mastering my writing skill has always been a challenge for me, yet I never give up when I encounter an obstacle; I work diligently to overcome my challenges. I believe I have gradually improved in … Read more

My Literacy Experience Essay

In Arabic language, which is my native language and the language that I learned first, there are two main influences that affected me. The first influence was my mother. She was the first person who took me to the bookstore to buy books. I remember that when I was five years old, I could not … Read more

Barton Fink Analysis Essay

However, when Barton fails to produce a piece of work that adheres to the generic Hollywood structure, without the “action, adventure, wrestling” (Coen; Coen, 1991: 48. 58) that the audience wants Lipnik changes character. When Fink claims that he thinks it is his best work yet, Lipnick aggressively tells Fink that “if your opinion mattered, … Read more

Candide Reflective Essay

Mr. Hlawaty, A main struggle I had with this essay was the open-endedness of it. I found it difficult to come up with a dynamic research question and furthermore develop an adequate thesis out of that question, because I was often uncertain about whether or not I was doing it “right. ” I worried that … Read more

Sophie’s World Nemerov Analysis Essay

A Window to the Outside World In Sophie’s World, the author takes the reader through a strange series of drawing out the events surrounding a girl’s life. In “The Human Condition”, Howard Nemerov paints this graphic image of a man inside a motel room living his life without contact to the outside world except through … Read more

Reflective Essay: My Development As A Writer

Dear Tom, In regards of the revision for the portfolio assignment, I chose to revise my critical autobiography. I chose to revise this document because I see it as one that offers a decent chance for improvement. With that being said, it was the first essay that Thad ever written at the college level and … Read more

Personal Narrative: My Journey As A Writer Essay

My Journey as a Writer The beginning of course English 101 was challenging and stressful, this class introduced me to many different types of paper topics that I never knew existed. There are so many things that come to play when it comes to writing, from grammar to punctuation mechanics, etc. Before this class I … Read more

Reading Should Be Taught In Schools Essay

What exactly should we read in school? Is there a set of certain books that we should all read? It should be up to the student to decide what to read. People wonder why students don’t read outside of class, but maybe if teachers and administrators stop telling students what to read they will read … Read more

Narrative Essay: My Sticky Tradition

The prewriting method I had chosen for my narrative essay was freewriting. The reason why I chose that method is because of the topic I was given. The topic was my family’s traditional food. So, because the topic is about my family, I thought it would be easier to free write since it’s based on … Read more

Less Could be More in Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina was well-written, with a good plot, and valuable themes. But it fell short in each of these categories, because Tolstoy simply tried to do too much. The language was beautiful but, at times, far too descriptive. The plot was also well written, but tedious and hard to follow in many parts of the … Read more

Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes

Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes is a powerful and emotional memoir of his life from childhood through early adulthood. This book is a wonderfully inspired piece of work that emotionally attaches the reader through McCourt’s life experiences. Its effectiveness is primarily due to McCourt’s evolving ‘innocent-eye’ narrative technique. He allows the reader to experience his own … Read more