If I Die In A Combat Zone Essay

The war in Vietnam in the 1960’s was an extremely controversial topic among the American public. America’s role in the war was questionable, and thousands of young men were drafted into the army against their own personal beliefs. In If I Die in a Combat Zone, author Tim O’Brien argued that the Vietnam War was … Read more

Essay about The Things They Carried: A Literary Analysis

Tim O’Brien’s short story “The Things They Carried” is set in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, and describes a soldier’s burden by listing what they carried and portraying scenes in a war. Critics have debated over the classification of O’Brien’s story. The major dispute is over whether “The Things They Carried” is appropriately classified as … Read more

The Things They Carried Away Analysis Essay

The “Things they carried away” is a story which is about the physical and emotional pain that a soldier carry during a war. Lieutenant Jimmy Cross is the main character of the story who is a weak soldier who does not want to be in the war, however, he could not withdraw because soldiers were … Read more

Argumentative Essay: The War In Vietnam

Separated by society from experience. Leaving as a boy, changing into a soldier, returning as a man, who has seen and experienced more than words can explain or understand. Some by force, others by choice, yet all who were there understand and relate to one another through a bond that not one else can begin … Read more

Essay on Just War In Vietnam

A – Planning the investigation [157]: The focus of this investigation is the theory or concept of just war, and what makes a just war “Just. ” This investigation will explore the question: To what extent can the Vietnam War be justified as a just war? Throughout this investigation, the philosophy of a just war … Read more

Essay about Purple Heart Merit

On April 7, 1782, George Washington created the Badge of Military Merit in order to reward those in the military who performed singular meritorious actions. But for unknown reasons following the Revolutionary War, the award had “broken service” and was not presented to anyone for approximately 150 years. However, it was redesigned in the 20th … Read more

Vietnam War Justifiable Essay

Was American involvement in the Vietnam War justifiable? Beginning on the first day of November in 1955, the second Indochina War was fought between North Vietnam, who was communist, and the government of South Vietnam, that was anti-communist. For the most part the war was fought in the countries of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, and … Read more

What effects did the Vietnam War have on American society

The Vietnam War had a profound effect on American society. It changed the way we viewed our government, the media, and our Constitutional rights. Because of this shift in perspective, the country was torn apart and yet still came together in new and different ways. The Vietnam War’s contraversiality spurred a great many sources of … Read more

The War in Vietnam

Direct U. S. military participation in The Vietnam War, the nation’s longest, cost fifty-eight thousand American lives. Only the Civil War and the two world wars were deadlier for Americans. During the decade of Vietnam beginning in 1964, the U. S Treasury spent over $140 billion on the war, enough money to fund urban renewal … Read more

Ngo Dinh Diem or Bao Dai

As the Cold War escalated in the United States, Eisenhower and Washington would make their anti-communist policies felt by stopping Ho Chi Minh from realizing his goal of reunification of Vietnam. The Americans would erect a new non-communist government in Nam, or south, and put at its helm, Ngo Dinh Diem. From 1954-1963, Diem presided … Read more

The 1960’s

Many social changes that were addressed in the 1960s are still the issues being confronted today. the ’60s was a decade of social and political upheaval. in spite of all the turmoil, there were some positive results: the civil rights revolution, john f. Kennedy’s bold vision of a new frontier, and the breathtaking advances in … Read more