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This Kiss Song Analysis Essay

There are wires growing out of everyone’s ears. That is, to listen to music. Music is an infinite source, whether that source is for lifting up spirits, expressing underlying pain and anger, or just merely a distraction. Music from well-developed Broadway musicals to a series of beats at a party, it is something we all have done: listen to music. Some even say that music defines us but it that really true? Is our music the soundtrack of who we each are? Do what we listen to support our core values in life?

To answer this I sought out the one song I listened to most, “This Kiss” by Alex Days and Carrie Hope Fletcher, and interpreted its lyrics to see if it matched with my core values of commitment, happiness, and love. My most listened to song is Alex Days and Carrie Hope Fletcher’s rendition of Faith Hill’s “This Kiss”. It tells of a story about two people who fall in love. Before they found each other, they were hurt by previous relationships but when they meet, they spark an indescribable romance. Throughout the song, they symbolize their love by their kiss. This song does support my values of commitment, happiness, and love.

In the song, the first lines say, “I don’t need another turn to cry, I don’t want to learn the hard way, baby hello, on no, goodbye. ” The singer is saying that he/she doesn’t want to be hurt again when it comes to love. They are done with its ache and pain. Their past heartbreaks were caused by lack of commitment in the other partner. Accordingly, this lyric presents the value of wanting commitment which is something I agree with. The singers want to have that unbreakable commitment in their lives. I understand their want for commitment because in a sense it is similar to a contract.

You are bound responsible to the commitment because it is defined as a pledge or bind. They desire for someone else to be committed to them and want that guaranteed promise of their other half to always be. In agreeance to the song commitment is something I highly value and want. Everything begins with commitment. For instance, a life goal, health goal, a school project, and in this case relationships all have to start with that initial commitment. It means you are giving your all to someone. Furthermore, in order to even begin a relationship one must, in a sense, ‘give the OK’.

Giving your commitment to someone means you are pledging yourself to that significant other. Moreover, in my own life my pledge may not be to a significant other, but in friends. I give my pledge of commitment to them. This commitment generally includes being there for each other, listening to each other’s problems, laughing at pointless things, and so on. I pledge this to every friend I commit myself to and in return expect and want the same commitment. In parallel to the song | want the people whom I have relationships with to be committed to me.

Secondly, the chorus of the song says “You got me floating, you got me flying. ” The singers are saying that they have made each other beyond happy. Each of them has contributed to each other’s happiness. They share happiness together, which is something I also value. I agree with surrounding yourself with people who make you happy like in the song. Alongside the song, I also value happiness. Specifically, I value the happiness that derives while being with other people. It’s a nice cycle, you make me happy and in return I make you happy, like in a family.

I value this happiness exchange because when everybody is happy, it for the most part makes life better. There are lesser conflicts, everything moves smoothly, and it increases our unity. Another example is happiness with friends. I become friends with someone because they make me happy. This happiness with other people just plainly feels good. In other words, “… man should not be alone… ” (Genesis 2:18). I agree with having people in your life that make you happy. Be happy with family, friends, or in this case, a significant other. As it is often said, the goal of life to achieve happiness and you cannot be alone to do that.

Lastly, in the chorus of the song it says, “It’s the way you love me, it’s a feeling like this. ” The singers are saying that there is this wonderful feeling between them when they are together. It is a feeling of pure love. It is almost indescribable for them because they don’t just plainly say “I love you so much. ” They express it as, “… the way you love me, it’s a feeling like this. ” They almost cannot fathom their words together to entirely encompass this love they have for each other. Likewise, I can understand this feeling of pure, indescribable love, not in a romantic way towards a significant other, but a trong love towards my family.

They have given me complete unconditional love that is beyond words. It is that heartwarming feeling and that presence of indefinable love that makes me completely understand and agree what the artists are singing about. In conclusion “This Kiss” supports my values of commitment, happiness, and love. I was surprised that this supported my values because I never really thought about it. Consciously, I knew some of my choices in music were too “mainstream” in the aspect that it supported values and morals I disagreed with.

Moreover, I often make my music choices simply based on the fact that it sounds good. However, analyzing the lyrics to my most played song revealed its true meaning and one that I agreed with. “This Kiss” matched up with my values perfectly. Listening to this song for its meaning and sung values has given me new perspective on the rest of my music. Next time you have wires in your ears genuinely listen to the music. Depict the real meaning of the lyrics. See if you agree or disagree with the message. Does your music define you?

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