The Sympathizer’s Character Review

The Sympathizer’s main character, is an unnamed half-French and half-Vietnamese spy. The main character is an aide-de-camp to the general in the Special Branch, the central intelligence organization of the anti-Communist South Vietnamese Army. The narrator is shown as a trusted member of the generals circle, it is quickly revealed to the reader that the … Read more

Book Review Of Unresolved Issue

The name of the book I would like to write, share and review is unresolved issue. It is an interesting story. It is family and relationships and child abuse story. This book was publishing in 2010. The name of the author is Patrick L. Brooks. About the author Patrick L. Brooks was born and raised … Read more

Tess of D’Urbervilles: an Example of an Unconventional Heroine

In Thomas Hardy’s tendentious Victorian novel, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Hardy uses a format akin to that of a tragic hero to critique the double standards of Victorian society. His heroine, Tess, challenges Victorian standards by maintaining her innate purity and refusing to be defined by society even after committing acts that ought to both … Read more

Evaluation of the Story of Gilgamesh

The creation of an intriguing plot must involve at least one major character whose own actions and external interactions dictate his or her development. External interactions between round characters, static characters, and environmental or supernatural activities, within the plot affect the decisions of the major character, providing the foundation for the story line to proceed. … Read more

The Woman and the Demonstration of Doyle’s Sexist Outlook

Critical responses to Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story “A Scandal in Bohemia,” an installment in the Sherlock Holmes series, have been dramatically varied. While some hail it as a work of feminist fiction ahead of its time, others condemn it as one of many examples of Doyle’s inability to write a rounded female character. Irene … Read more

Aquarius zodiac signal

Aquarius characteristics Characteristics: dynamic, unique, self sufficient, philanthropic individual Shortcomings: continues jogging from passionate articulation, inconsistent, uncompromising, standoffish Aquarius likes: a laugh with companions, supporting other people, scuffling with for reasons, scholarly dialogue, a awesome target audience Aquarius detests: impediments, broken guarantees, being forlorn, stupid or arduous occasions, folks that cannot help contradicting them Aquarius-conceived … Read more

Character Review: Caius Cassius and Marcus Brutus in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

Caius Cassius and Marcus Brutus are both major characters in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, and are in multiple ways are either quite similar to or quite different from one another. These ways are presented in both their words and their actions. Both of these characters shared a lot of similarities; however, in personalities they … Read more

Ellen Olenska: How to Be Blameless

In The Age of Innocence, Edith Wharton paints an intimate view of New York culture in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Wharton does this by masterfully presenting a slice of New York, focusing on a few intricately developed characters in New York’s aristocracy. Of these characters, Newland Archer, through his pursuit of Ellen … Read more

Comparison Of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

In The Crucible by Arthur Miller and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the value of bystanders’ lives is well beneath all personal achievements and gain, resulting in greedy and jealous motivations for inequity while the downfall of others inflict and strengthen undeserved power, leading to their own destruction. Arthur Miller uncovers Abigail Williams’ motivations throughout this … Read more

Evaluation of the Character of Tarzan

The persistence of Tarzan as a fictional character mostly in books, music and songs throughout the 19th century, has created a rapport with the social, economic, political and cultural spheres in the world. It has influenced many radio, films, television, comic strips and books. Many films of Tarzan ancestry have been acted and screened with … Read more

Where’s Minnie Wright?

The majority of this can be sorted out while never meeting Minnie Wright. Without her there, the feelings appear to be more significant. It resembles the familiar axiom we generally heard in our grade school English classes: demonstrate not tell. Glaspell demonstrates the peruser precisely what Minnie was encountering and enables them to identify in … Read more

Raising Bazarov: The Sources of Bazarov’s Radicalism in Turgenev’s Fathers and Sons

The genesis of the Russian radical movement is portrayed in Ivan Turgenev’s classic novel Fathers and Sons as a shock which resonated throughout the Russian public sphere, effecting change within both families and society. Indeed, historian Daniel Brower argues in {em Training the Nihilists: Education and Radicalism in Tsarist Russia} that the radical movement changed … Read more

Power and Control: Clegg vs Miranda

The Collector by John Fowles examines a battle for power and control between the introverted character of Clegg and the audaciously articulate Miranda. Power is defined as the possession of control, authority, or influence over others (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) that Clegg has been cheated of his entire life. Clegg was brought up with a poor education … Read more

Relations between Rick and Morty

Upon seeing this, Morty reacts to his scientist grandfather for “enslaving” an entire planet for the sake of energy. Rick, however, argued that he just created a functioning society whose byproduct is electricity. Morty rebuts seeing through Rick’s poor rationalization and convinced that the Microverse’s civilization is founded on “slavery with extra steps.”The civilization Rick … Read more

My Ideal Person who does not exist

Everyone has his or her own ideal person in one way or another. When most people talk about whom they admire most, it’s usually a person when they hold in false regard and most commonly someone in the public eyes. Without reason whose admiration is unjustified. Then again, it’s all about their own but for … Read more

Mayella Ewell: Powerful Or Powerless?

For centuries, countries have fought with one another over power. Whether squabbling over who has control of their nation or who really owns a territory, struggles over domination have been commonplace throughout history, featuring not only countries as a whole, but their individual settlers. Power can be defined as the amount of control one has … Read more

Mayella Ewell: Powerful Or Powerless?

For centuries, countries have fought with one another over power. Whether squabbling over who has control of their nation or who really owns a territory, struggles over domination have been commonplace throughout history, featuring not only countries as a whole, but their individual settlers. Power can be defined as the amount of control one has … Read more

Blame Distribution Among The Characters Of The Crucible By Arthur Miller

Abigail Williams Abigail Williams deserves 55% of the blame because instead of accepting responsibility for her actions, she lied and let innocent people die. The symbol that I gave Abigail was a snake, because she’s deceiving and manipulative. While being accused by Betty for her actions in the woods, she threatens her by saying “I … Read more

The Two Falstaffs

Romanticism, as stated in the American Heritage Electronic Dictionary is, “An artistic and intellectual movement originating in Europe in the late 18th century and characterized by a heightened interest in nature, emphasis on the individual’s expression of emotion and imagination, departure from the attitudes and forms of classicism, and rebellion against established social rules and … Read more

Moby Dick, or The Whale: Book Report

I.Author Information Herman Melville, was born in 1819, in a very “good” neighborhood in New York. Many influences on Melville’s works were European literature, experiences in his travels, and tragedy in his life. Melville was born into the time when inspiring works of American literature began to emerge. Yet, European heritage in literature still had … Read more

Madame Bovary: Short Review

Gustave Flauberts Madame Bovary tells the story of a womans quest to make her life into a novel. Emma Bovary attempts again and again to escape the ordinariness of her life by reading novels, daydreaming, moving from town to town, having affairs, and buying luxurious items. One of the most penetrating debates in this novel … Read more