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Mori Girl Research Paper

Sitting beneath a tree, eating toast with strawberries and drinking rose petal tea, a sweet girl takes a quiet moment to revel in the small wonders of the world before they pass her by.
~Welcome to the world of the Mori girls~
A community devoted to Mori-kei was founded in August 2006 on Mixi, a Japanese social networking site, by a girl known only by her alias ‘choco’ to describe a style she and her friends were already wearing. These girls went on to drafted up a checklist of a Mori girl’s preferences – everything from hair and beauty to general lifestyle traits that describe followers of the style.

Mori-kei started to become visible in Japanese fashion magazines around 2007. Both “Mori-Girl” magazine and “Mori Girl Papier”, an offshoot…

They adore for all kinds of animals, care for the environment and like to eat organic food and fresh fruits. Their love for history often makes them pick vintage things to wear. Mori girls aren’t overly focused on being cute, but instead practical. Clothing is comfortable and natural, made of fabrics such as cotton and wool. Flat shoes that are easy to walk in are perfect. The style often involves heavy layering with no defining points of the silhouette. Though there are influences about what Mori entails or what to wear, and some general ideas about living. Ultimately though, there is no list of rules to follow. It is this curious notion about the lifestyle that makes each Mori girl…

Mori girls are peaceful individuals and quiet when they have to be. They settle like autumn leaves and dust in cafes, trains or quiet nooks, or a favourite spot to sit down and drink in the world. The calming nature of walking puts the Mori girl at ease. She is never too flustered as there is always a secret place, a world of her own inside her mind or in her surroundings that she finds gladness and beauty in. Inside herself she houses a deep joy for the simple…

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