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Much Ado About Nothing Honor Quotes Essay

Honor Honor is a constant subject in this play. Don John planned for Hero to be publicly humiliated at her wedding. Hero’s honor is crushed in the aftermath of that event. Claudio’s honor would be destroyed if he married an unfaithful woman. Another example would be Benedick’s argument for why he will never get married/fall in love; he said the woman would never stay faithful, therefore his honor would take the blow. Don John is trying to regain his honor from his defeat by the hands of his brother. Honor plays a part in many different scenes throughout the course of this play.

Pretending This is how Benedick and Beatrice came to believe the other was madly in love with them. Leonato, Claudio, and Don Pedro acted out a scene about how insanely in love Beatrice is with Benedick while he was secretly listening behind a stack of haybales. Hero and her servant acted out a similar scene for Beatrice about Benedick’s love for her. Another big part of the play based on pretending would be when Hero “dies”. This can be taken multiple ways, but in the beginning, Benedick and Beatrice were pretending to hate each other because they really liked each other.

Animals Animals are referenced throughout the play, mainly in regard to Benedick. In the beginning, Benedick says that if he were to get married/fall in love, they may as well brand his forehead. He uses a wild bull thats been chained as a metaphor for the commitment of a relationship. Later in the play, it is said that Benedick (the wild bull) will eventually be tamed by love. The bull also symbolizes a more risque image of dominant male sexuality. “I cannot counterfeit my love for you” Civet- perfume “My, what a lovely smelling civet! Vagrom- a person who wanders from place to place and lives by begging “Any vagrom men seen wandering the premises is to be arrested at once! ” Statute- a written law passed by a legislative body “Follow the statutes of my town. ”

Smirched-make dirty “The children have smirched my floor with their muddy shoes. ” Rebato- a wide lace-edged collar of the early 17th century often stiffened to stand high at the back “That rebato shows off your neck and high class in society. ” Underborne- trimmed at the bottom “My skirt is underborne with lace. Ado-to-do “There’s nothing ado about nothing. ” Arras- hanging tapestry “My, what a beautiful arras you have hung on the wall! ” Baste- sew loosely “Take heed, wench; do not baste my pants while fixing the holes. ” Claw- flatter “Oh Adam! You claw me so much; I can’t stop blushing! ” Cogcheat “Oh, Sam? He cogged off Sarah on that last test” Libertine- debaucher “Hark now, foe! I shall not have you libertine my reputation. ” Shakespeak When life give ye lemons, ye shall produce lemonade The quill is more puissant than thy sword Thou shant underestimate thine foe

Birds of a single feather shall flock together Hark Now! Keep thy companions near and thy foes nearer The bird who arise in the dawn shall catch the worm Thy movements discourse louder than thy words Thou shant act against hands that nourish thou Constant presence doth breed contempt A lack of presence makes thy heart grow stronger Wonder of the mind hath slain the feline Thou doth not speak with thy mouth open Unbitted anger doth create thine foe within thyself Do unto others as thou would’st hast them cast upon thee Thou shall do thy homework

Fairview College, April 19th, 2016 The Fairview Times Book Review William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing By Heather Richards, Arts and Entertainment Editor Introduction William Shakespeare’s Much Ado ABout Nothing is a spectacular work that both teenagers and adults can find both funny and relatable. As classic comedy that people have read for centuries, this play is sure to grab your attention and keep it! About the Play The story begins with Don Pedro, Claudio, and Benedick coming to visit Leonato and his daughter, Hero, and her cousin, Beatrice. Leonato and Don Pedro are old friends.

Beatrice and Benedick have a history of feuding with each other, but Claudio falls in love with Hero as soon as he sees her. Don Pedro plans to ask Leonato for his permission to marry Hero, then give Hero to Claudio, with her consent. Unfortunately, Don John, Don Pedro’s bastard brother, has other plans. He intends to destroy Hero and Claudio’s relationship. As Don John plans his attack, Leonato, Claudio, Don John, and Hero (with the help of her servant Margaret) plan to make Benedick and Beatrice, who swore to never fall in love with anyone, much less with each other, fall in love with one another.

Their plan succeeds, but happiness isn’t there yet because Don John tricks Claudio into thinking Hero had been unfaithful, and in return he publicly humiliated her at their wedding. Hero seemingly dies, and when the truth comes out that she had been honest and pure, Claudio is defeated. Leonato arranges for Claudio to marry someone who looks just like Hero, and at the wedding ceremony, it is revealed the mystery woman he is marrying actually is Hero! The story ends happily with everyone together. Critique This play was beautifully written.

As one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Much Ado About Nothing is the classic high school romance. This comedy is very amusing, and it’s not hard to see how it’s so popular! People of all ages can relate to something within this play, whether that be the personality of Benedick or the fire of Beatrice. Shakespeare’s works are the foundations of the literature produced today. Gossip It was a bright, sunny day in July of 1590. I was slaving away in the kitchen when a loud thunk was heard from the main hallway, echoing across the large estate. “It seems my guests have arrived!

At least the food is done,” I mutter to myself. I take off my apron and hang it on its hook behind the kitchen door, then I hurry to greet my guests. I open the heavy door, looking a little frazzled, and they greet me with a smile. “Why, it’s so good to see you all! Please do come in and make yourself comfortable,” I say, motioning for them to come inside. They gratefully accept my offer, glad to escape the heat of the summer sun. My three guests, Lady Jade, Lady Lillian, and Lady Scarlett, have put their parasols in the little basket beside the front door by the time I shut the door and turn to them. Thank you for having us today, Heather. There’s so much we need to talk about! It’s been far too long since we’ve seen each other last,” Scarlett says. “I agree! So much has happened since we last had a chance to meet up,” says Lillian. “Go on outside and let me get the food ready, okay? I’ll be out in a jiffy,” I tell them. Together they walk through the garden door, smiling and giggling, to sit on the lovely wooden bench on the shaded patio. Thustle to the kitchen and grab a tray to put the tea and crumpets on.

As I walk outside, I hear the three ladies ranting about someone named “Beatrice”. I carefully sit the tray down on the tea table in front of the bench. Curiously, I ask them, “Who is Beatrice? ” “You don’t know who Beatrice is? ” questioned Jade. “No, I’m afraid not,” I replied. “Beatrice is the cousin of Hero, the daughter of Leonato, and she is the most conceited person I have ever met! ” fumes Lillian. “Surely she isn’t that bad,” I say. “No,” says Jade, “she’s awful! You’ve heard of Benedick, haven’t you? “The great, flawless Benedick,” sighs Scarlett as she nibbles a crumpet. “I have heard stories of him.

He is very much adored by many ladies across the land” I reply. I turn and grab a crumpet off the tray and take a sip of my tea. “Every lady except Beatrice. She thinks she’s too good for him! ” says Lillian. “It seems like they hate each other to me,” says Scarlett. “They could hate each other, or they could be unwilling to admit they’re in love with each other,” I say. “Preposterous! Why would a man like him fall for a snob like her? ” says Jade. I have heard stories of people falling for people just because they’re different, and they like different. If every woman is willing to throw herself at his feet, wouldn’t it be fun to play a game of chase? All I’m saying is maybe she has caught his attention, even if neither of them know it themselves,” I say. “That does make sense. She could be playing hard-to-get,” says Scarlett. Lillian and Jade nod in response.

“A good lesson for today would be not to judge a book by its cover, and stick to your own business. ” I sav. “Nothing good comes from talking about other people. “I’m sorry, Heather; we should have thought about that before we started saying so much stuff about her,” says Lillian. Scarlett and Jade sheeply nod their heads in shame. We continued eating snacks and sipping our tea while talking about better things. Eventually, the sun began to set, and it was time for them to go home. “Today was an experience,” laughed Scarlett. “Yeah,” I sighed. “We need to meet up again soon. ” They agreed. I bid them farewell until next time, and they left. “Im sure Beatrice and Benedick will end up together. I can feel it,” I say as I carry the dirty tray inside.

I shut the door behind me, sit the tray and the kitchen, and head to bed. Today was a day. Dear Claudio, You are quick to believe in the lies of others, and you were so eager to marry someone after the “death” of Hero, which leads me to question how much you actually “love” Hero. I understand that a possible reason for accepting the marriage proposal from Leonato would be because of guilt, but it’s just a shot through Hero’s honor. You say you’d do anything for her, but the nasty, awful things you said to her in front of all those people were uncalled for.

She should not have taken you as her husband. Do you even love her? Well, despite what I say, Hero loves you. Whether that be real, genuine love or her accepting her fate, she is stuck with you. Do me a favor and don’t make a mistake like that again. It’s embarrassing to everyone. Second chances are a gift to people like you that are hard to come by. By treating Hero the way you should have treated her in the beginning, people should regain their respect for you. You’d do well to heed my advice and warnings, Claudio. Sincerely, Lady Heather

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