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Marigold Hotel: Movie Analysis Essay

In the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, the changes in the environment effected each character in its own way, but their changes also play a role in the lives of the surrounding characters as well. The movie is about seven individuals who decided to leave England to enjoy their retirement in India, at “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. When they arrived it wasn’t what they had pictured; however, they managed to deal with it and find their true selves. The beginning of the movie started in England, where all seven characters was going through a situation that they want to escape.

The vision I saw of England was people living their lives not worried about the seven characters. Evelyn was married for 40 years to her late husband and decided she wanted to go to India due to debt. She also decided to go to India for herself, to release stress and enjoy herself for once since her husband past. Graham decided to go to India to relive his childhood and find is old lover. Muriel (a racist), came to India for an urgent hip surgery that would have taken months to receive in England because she didn’t want a non-white to examine her. Douglas and his wife Jean left for enjoyment.

Madge just decides to go to find herself and her meaning in life. Norman goes to find his perfect match after going to speed dates and finding no one. As, you see all these characters are going through complications that makes them so fed up that they want to escape. Even though, they go to India for these reasoning, they discover much more. When they arrived to India, it was crowded and the people was more interactive with each other. Sonny, the manager of the hotel greeted them and examines there will be changes since he wasn’t ready for any guest.

Most of the characters was okay with the hotel but, Muriel and Jean wasn’t. Since Muriel was pretty much racist and India had many Indians she didn’t want to eat, sleep or even stay in her room. Jean was being her miserable and complained about everything once she got there. Even though, the hotel was falsely advertised she could have dealt with it like everyone else did. While there Evelyn explored the community and interacted with people in the community. She found a job as a call operator, that she loved and being to love everything about India.

She even become a popular employee that everyone loved. She taught them how they could improve their calls and become an important factor at the job in that short period of time. Before coming, to India she had no one. She was always alone but, once she came to India it was the total opposite. While Graham was at the hotel, he left the daily to go to places he remember from his childhood and play with kids in the neighborhood. He then put in the effort to find information on his lost lover who he was with before he left.

He then opens up to the others about his sexuality and told Evelyn about this lover that he left behind. While in India he past always from heart problems but, before he was gone he got to accomplish his goal. He got to see his old lover and he gave him a proper funeral. Muriel, who pretty much hated other races changed that when she came to India. She being to grow a relationship with the hotel servant who left food that she always rejected. After, growing a relationship, the servant invited Muriel to her home.

While there, she yelled at the kids for playing with her wheelchair when she noticed she shouldn’t be acting this way. She finally being to accept the India culture and ate India food that day and being to communicate with the servant. After opening up to the servant, she being to open up to other people like Sonny. Sonny had complications with his mother about the hotel because she wanted to close it. Muriel overheard their conversation and helped the hotel herself. She ended up working there and enjoying her job. Douglas and Jean goes to India for enjoyment but, it didn’t end that way. Even though,

Jean and Douglas is married, Jean shared her feelings with Graham, not being aware that he’s gay. Jean was negative about everything that happened in India and when she saw Douglas happy she ruined it. One night, Evelyn talked to Douglas about her past relationship and Jean overheard it. She was upset and bashed Douglas about it, suggesting they should go back home. One they way to the airport they ended they relationship for good and Douglas returned to see Evelyn. Their trip showed that they relationship wasn’t healthy because Jean was so negative about everything and Douglas hated it.

It was like they wasn’t happy for a while but, this trip helped them realize the truth. When Norman got to India he went on a date and enjoyed it. He continued to see the lady and is finally happy. At the end, of the movie when Sonny mother tried to close the hotel, Norman shared with the others that he was staying in India and was going to live with his new girlfriend. Madge was alone throughout the movie. She was afraid to open up and meet new people. She thought she would continue to live her life alone; however, that wasn’t the case.

At the end, she being to go out more and met new people. Sonny, the owner being to stand up from himself after talking to Evelyn and Muriel. Sonny mothers doesn’t agree with nothing Sonny is doing and tries to shut down the hotel. She always tried to crush Sonny dreams and Sonny think it is because he is so much like his father. Sonny mothers doesn’t want him to marry his girlfriend but he tell her that she’s in love with her and if she cannot accept her she can’t accept him. As, you see all the characters went through magnificent changes.

Evelyn being to love her live and the India culture, she didn’t feel alone anymore. Graham got what he came to India for, he got to see his ex-lover and ended it the right was. Muriel, wasn’t so racist anymore, recovered from her surgery and got a job interacting with other races. Douglas and Jean ended their relationship which was what both of them wanted at the end. Douglas and Evelyn began dating. Madge found herself and began enjoying her life. Norman found someone that liked him and his happy. Sonny stood up to his mother and is still with his girlfriend and the manager of the hotel.

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