Nurse Burnout And Fatigue

According to Gomez-Garcia et al. (2016), nurses direct relation to burnout and fatigue was yet to be researched. They concluded a study that emphasis the direct relationship between shift work nurses and patent quality of care. They were focused on the job satisfaction, sleep quality, and burnout. The study was cross-sectional and observational. Seven hospitals … Read more

Intake Form Critique

This is the intake used at Pathways Human Services of Florida, generally just known as “Pathways. ” This is the company with whom I am doing my work variance internship. I wanted to complete the intake critique at my internship because their intake packet could use a great deal of improvement. Also, because I work … Read more

Patient Case Study Essay

The case study (HCCC v Jarrett, NSWNMPSC, 2013) explains the enquiry made into the role and activities of registered nurse [RN] Janelle Jarrett in respect to the care of a patient during a night shift from 30th September 2011 to 1st October 2011. RN Jarrett was rostered as the Hospital in Charge [HIC] and Nurse … Read more

UMUC Family Clinic Case Study Essay

1. Review the UMUC Family Clinic Case Study and identify two types of external organizations (e. g. , hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, laboratories, pharmacies, etc. ) with which the UMUC Family Clinic needs to communicate and the purpose of the communication. An external organization Dr. Tom office must communicate with is a hospital. The … Read more

Cardia Pre-Op Clinic Reflection Essay

This week in the cardia pre-op clinic, a Nurse Practitioner (NP) named Dot told me about her patient needed child life and that she was not prepared for her surgery. The patient was an 8-year-old girl from Puerto Rico who spoke Spanish and some English. I met D. F. and her mother in the waiting … Read more

Essay On Turn Around Time

There is a severe problem on the night shift and there have been complaints about the delays in the turn-around time of the specimens from the operating room. On the night shift, there is one specimen accessioner and one supervisor and a person in each of different departments. There are hematology-coagulation, chemistry, blood bank and … Read more