Women’s Health Clinic

In order to protect the client’s privacy, she will be named as Mrs. Z and all other names will be represented by a respective letter to maintain confidentiality. This encounter happened at the Jewish General Hospital’s Women’s Health Clinic. Mrs. Z is a 34 year old female from a Filipino ethnic background. She works as … Read more

Increase In Elective Cesarean Sections

One of the most positive experiences is bringing a child into this world. There are two ways that a baby can be delivered, vaginally and a cesarean section. Since the 1990s, cesarean sections have become the most common procedure in the United States. This procedure is necessary for certain circumstances, such as a breech baby … Read more

Essay about Postpartum Depression: A Literature Review

Postpartum depression impacts the lives of 10-15% of postpartum women and typically occurs within one month of giving birth, despite the identification of some clear risk factors1,2. Furthermore, having a baby is often viewed as a joyous event and there is a negative stigma associated with depression that occurs following the birth. Research has indicated … Read more