No Free Lunch

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch. ” Milton Friedman published a book with this very title in 1975. Is it not a great example of how the world works? When it comes down to it, lunch is being paid by someone. That very “free” lunch is costing someone something. It may not be … Read more

Malpractice In Healthcare

1a: The two common strategies that health insurance companies in the U. S. apply to maximize their profit is by increasing cost and decreasing coverage. The U. S. maximizes cost by increasing cost of prescription pill and charging for malpractice insurance. U. S. charges ten times more for prescription medication and One-hundred time more for … Read more

Medicare Ineffective Payment Essay

ACA Medicare Incentive Payments INTRODUCTION: United States expenditure on the healthcare system is much more than any other developed country in the world. Despite spending trillions of dollars there are more than 29 million Americans who lack the health insurance. US healthcare system works as a market place where multiple stakeholders including government agencies, public … Read more