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Criminal Justice Career Research Paper

Finding a career to pursue an be a challenging and long process. However, once a person narrows down their career field it become easier to decide on which path to choose. The criminal justice field has three different aspects that work together to ensure that justice is served. The first is police, which is where the careers like police officers are. The second is the courts where jobs like being a judge, or a lawyer. The third and final part is corrections where parole officers work. (Schmalleger) During my last two years of high school, I have had to really think and decide on the career that I have wanted to pursue.

I wanted to find a way to fuel my passion of reading, writing, and spending time with animals, make enough money to live off of, but still enjoy my work. I was constantly changing my mind about what I wanted to do, and I couldn’t decide on what path to choose. I gained experience in working in different fields through school and volunteering. I have helped in a thrift store my church owns, and become a pro at running a concession stand, however, this also made me realize that I do not want to work in customer service type jobs.

I job shadowed a police officer, and at The Daily American, which did help me narrow my ptions down. In the past year I have also discovered more about the career I want with getting more involved with helping out in the school library and the school newspaper. My goals are rather simple, but it has taken me awhile to figure out. I want to earn enough money to support myself, to be good at what in my career, and to enjoy going to work each day. My other career goal is to eventually become an established writer.

I am currently an undecided major, however, I am most likely going to major in criminology with a minor in creative writing. I have decided to go with a criminology major because I do have an nterest in becoming a criminologist. I am currently studying at the Allegany College of Maryland, for several reasons. The first is because I wanted to see what a college class was like, while I am still in high school. The reason I am doing it with the Allegany College of Maryland, is because my high school offers a class period for online college students who are taking classes with the Allegany College of Maryland.

I plan to transfer to the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown. I have decided to transfer there because they offer the classes I am interested in, and could commute there which saves money. I am planning to tudy criminology and creative writing. Three strengths I have are my dedication and determination, my ability to understand people, and I can well under stress. Being determined and dedicated will help me in my career in finding a job, and completing the work required each day. This strength will help in my education because I will get all of my work done.

The ability to understand people will help in my studies, and on the job when I have to analyze human behavior. Working well under stress is going to help when things get hectic, and I have lots of work to do. Three weaknesses of mine are procrastination, erfectionism, and I care too much what other people think of me. These three weaknesses will make achieving my goals more difficult because I will leave things to last minute, which is unnecessary added stress, while wanting them to be perfect which will make getting things done take longer, and at the same time trying to please everyone is impossible.

I intend to overcome procrastination, by making myself work on projects, and homework, at scheduled times. I intend to overcome the last two by doing completing things for myself not for others, and realizing that not everything will be, or hs to be perfect. Education is very important to me, and five educational goals I have are to pass the AP exam with a four, graduate high school with a G. P. A above 4. 0, earn scholarships, get into the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown, and graduate college.

My strategy to pass the AP exam is to practice my flashcards, practice the timed essays, and gain more material for the third question. I practice the vocabulary flashcards whenever I get a chance too, and I practice the timed writings in English class, and am starting to do some practice on my own. My english teacher is my biggest resource to succeed in this goal, and I do take her advice ry to follow it. To graduate with a g. p. a above a 4. 0, I will not stop working hard in all of my classes, and have the teacher’s help with things I don’t understand.

To earn scholarships, I will spend a portion of my day working on them, and I will keep checking in with guidance counselor for new ones. To get into the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown, I will finish my application, and get it turned in. Lastly, to graduate college, I will not give up, I will study hard, and learn to manage my time The career that I have chosen is to become a criminologist, and either teach it at a college, and to become a ublished writer. It has taken a long time to choose a career, and I have gone through many other options before deciding on this.

I think a criminologist is a good career for me, because I have not been deterred from it, and there has not been a part of it that I would not enjoy. For example, I did not want to be a vet, because do not like to see animals in pain. I did not want to be a truck driver, because I am not that big into driving. More recently, I do not want to be a cop, because I am more interested in the why then catching a criminal. The other reason I think this would be a good career for me is because I like to igure out why people are the way that they are, and why people do the things that they do.

I enjoy studying human behavior, and I have always held an interest in learning about why criminals are criminals, and what drove them to choose that crime, and could it have been prevented. Another reason I think this career would be a better fit for me, than other fields in better. the criminal justice program, like attorney, or police officer, is because I am not too interested in the law part, or arresting people, but I am into finding out the why and hows. According to the Bls Occupational Outlook Handbook ociologists page, which is where the information for criminologist is listed, the job outlook is not listed to be very high.

In fact, is to too not change at all from 2014, to 2024, which in 2014 the number of jobs was around 2,600. The 2015 median pay was $35. 46 per hour, and $73,760 per year, which overall, is not bad. The education required for just sociology is a master’s degree, but to be a criminologist would also require knowledge of the law, and criminal studies. While sociologists work in an office on regular hours, for the government, schools, and research facilities, a criminologists works alongside police rganizations are on their own time. (BLS. gov)

According to socialsciencecarreers. rg, a criminologist will create theories based on extensive and often times exhausting research. They will also help law enforcement with examine crime scenes and to help find the cause of the crime. The last thing a criminologist will do is create reports that are kept for future reference is a similar crime is committed. (http:// www. socialsciencecareers. org) Overall, I have decided to become a criminologist, because I find that is the best fit for me and my personality, while also being the career that I would find myself enjoying everyday.

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