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Casey Anthony Research Paper

In July 2008 the nation was introduced to Casey Anthony. Thousands of people watched the Casey Anthony case unfold all over the nation from t. v to newspapers to magazines. When Casey’s daughter caylee anthony went missing Casey was the suspect. Casey went on trial for first degree murder. Aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child. Casey Anthony was born on March 19, 1986 in Warren Ohio. She later moved to Orlando Florida. Casey’s parents names are Cindy and George Anthony and she had one brother Lee Anthony.

Many people said Casey was a bright young personable girl but that didn’t last long. “Friends say that a pattern of lying began in high school. (Biography. com editors)” Towards the end of the year Casey stopped going to school and In January she found out she was a few credits short of graduating but led her family to believe she was up until two days before her graduation. After that Casey began working at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, there she met a guy named Jesse Grund. A few months later Casey met up with a friend and told her she was pregnant and to keep it a secret.

When Casey’s family started noticing her putting on weight and started asking questions about her being pregnant she made up excuses such as she’s a virgin, she’s retaining water, and at one point she had a tumor. On August 9, 2005 Casey Anthony gave birth to a seven pound six ounce little girl named Caylee Marie Anthony. She told her boyfriend Jessie that it was his baby but they have only been dating in January so the times didn’t add up. Jessie got a paternity test and it came back zero percent that Kaylee was his daughter.

Casey then cut out an obituary in the newspaper from a guy in tennessee and said she had a one night stand with him and portrayed him as Caylee’s father. After caylee was born Casey went out and partied and continued to lie as George and Cindy took care of little Caylee. After Caylee was born Casey’s anthony continued to get worst. Casey had got fired from Universal studios but made her parents believe she was still working there while they babysitting. On June 16 Cindy had found out Casey had been lying about her job resulting in Casey leaving with Caylee, and that would be the last confirmed sighting of Caylee.

They had no contact with Casey until on July 13 George and Cindy got a letter says that Casey’s car was in the junkyard. George went to the junkyard to check the car out and he said he “noticed a strong smell, like that of organic matter decomposing, coming from the trunk. (Biography. com editors)” George also said he found Caylee’s car seat, toys, and Casey’s purse. After George went to the junkyard Cindy Was very alarmed so she went and got Casey from her boyfriend’s house but Caylee was not with her.

Cindy and her family had repeatedly asked where Caylee was “Casey broke down telling her mother and brother Lee that she had left Caylee with nanny Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez in Orlando, and that Gonzalez had kidnapped the toddler. (Biography. com editors). ” On june 15 Cindy reported Caylee anthony missing to the orange County sheriff’s office. After long hours of questioning from the detectives Casey told them that she was using other resources to find her daughter and then she said that her daughter’s nanny had physically held her down and took Caylee.

The cops then took her for a drive to Casey could show them the apartment of the nanny when they showed up it was an empty apartment. Casey then said she shared this nanny with someone else that she worked with at Universal the cops took her there and after walking around for a long period of time she admitted to the cops that she didn’t work there anymore. On July 16 Casey Was arrested for child neglect and for making false official statements. This started many lies of Casey about what had happened to 2 years old Caylee Anthony.

This story had caught the attention of some bounty hunters and they decided to come to Florida to help out on this case. On August 21, the bounty hunters bailed Casey out of jail so Casey could help find her daughter. Sense Casey was out on bond she had to report to the jail once a week. The bounty hunter had a girl staying in the anthony house 24/7 and said it was very strange because they were acting like a normal family and barely mentioned Caylee. Then almost a week later the case took a crazy turn.

On August 27, they took a DNA test of the hair sample and the stain from the trunk of Casey’s car and the results showed it was Caylee’s and that she was dead. The case now turned into a homicide investigation. Two days later Casey was arrested for false official statement, false reports to law, and two accounts of passing forged checks. She was let out two days later but that didn’t last long because she ten days after that she was arrested again on two accounts of petty theft and passing forged checks.

Then on October 14, Casey was idented for murder. In december, 911 got a call from a guy who said he had found a human skull in the woods, just two to three blocks away from the Anthony home. When the investigators got there they had found body parts scattered everywhere. The body was later identified as Caylee Anthony’s. Casey spent two years in jail before they went on trial on May 4, 2011. There were several different theories about the disappearance and death of Caylee Anthony.

During an interview between Casey and two psychiatrist she revealed how she thinks her daughter may have died. “She said, I think he’d held her underwater maybe he was doing something to her and tried to cover it up. (CNNNews. com)” Casey said she thinks her dad George Woke up in the middle of of the night took Caylee out of her bed and started doing sexual things to her, and then drowned her to cover it up. During the trial the prosecution laid out a two hour opening statement to prove that Casey was guilty of murder.

Then the defense brought up another theory about what they believed had happened. They say that Caylee Had snuck into the pool and had drowned. They said that Casey and George had found Caylee and George said to casey “Look what you’ve have done. Your mother will never forgive you. (CNNNews. com)” They had suggested that Caylee’s grandma had forgotten to put that ladder up to the pool the night before and that how Caylee had drowned. George and Casey freaked out and didn’t know what to do so they disposed of the body.

Although George denies this accusation and said if he would of found Caylee drowning he would of performed CPR as he is a former police officer and would have proceeded to call 911. With all of these different theories you have to wonder, is something mentally wrong with Casey Anthony? After many test that had discovered there wasn’t anything major wrong with Casey but there was many signs of Casey being a psychopath . A psychopath is “A person suffering from a chronic mental disorder with abnormal or silent violent behavior. Dictionary. com)” Which Casey showed the signs of being callous, unemotional devoid of regret. But when Casey took a MMPI, which is the most widely used and researched standardized psychometric test of personality and psychopathology, everything came out normal. Many people also believed Casey is a compulsive liar as you can see throughout the entire case. “Compulsive liars are lost in an illusion of their own making. (Today. com)” Compulsive liar is someone who lies out of habit.

These liars bend the truth about everything from small to large because they think telling the truth can feel awkward when lying feels right to them. Casey has lied many times from the time she was pregnant to who kidnapped her child. You can see the many signs of Casey being a psychopath and compulsive liar throughout the entire trial. The Casey Anthony trial lasted for three long years. “The prosecutors painted a picture of Casey Anthony as a promiscuous party girl,unconcerned with her missing daughter, and responsible for her murder(Biography. om editors)” Which is exactly what she was. But no one knew if she really was responsible for her daughter’s murder or not. “All the defense had to do was create a reasonable doubt and that’s what they did. (Today. com)” It was hard telling how Caylee was killed with little evidence. They could tell that she died from suffocation because there was duct tape on the skull. They also couldn’t tell a time of death. On July 15, 2011, After a 11 deliberation, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter.

She was found guilty of four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officers. Casey was released after only spending two months in jail. The verdict angered thousands of people across the nation and many people wonder where Casey anthony is now. Casey Anthony has kept a low profile ever since her trial in 2011. Many people believed Casey murdered her 2 year old daughter Caylee so it’s hard for her to go out in public now. “She hasn’t been freed from her incarceration yet. (CBSNews. com)’cause she can’t go out. She can’t go to a beauty parlor.

She can’t go shopping to a department store. She can’t go to a restaurant. She cant even go to mcdonalds. She can’t do anthony. ” Casey anthony told the bankruptcy court “I don’t pay rent. I don’t pay utilities. I guess you could say I’m living off the kindness of others. (CBSNew. com)” The Casey Anthony trial started in 2008 and lasted three very long years ending in 2011. The verdict outraged the nation. Casey Anthony was found not guilty of the disappearance and murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony. Even though many people believed she should have been guilty.

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