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Stay Gold Stay Gold Ponyboy Book Analysis Essay

Stay Gold , Stay Gold Ponyboy.

Can you imagine committing a crime and you just wish you can just open and close your eyes and all the image or memories are all whipped off, or you read a book like Alice in Wonderland and the movie to the book was just terrible and you just want get it out your head , Well sometimes you have to see the movie to a book to clarify or visualize the scenes in the book, Like the outsiders reading the book was very well detailed and easier to understand and it makes you have different feel some deep emotions; either sadness, happiness or and but how the movie left out some details and feelings made it seem like, the characters were unreal.

It seems like they were trying to hard too be happy , sad or angry. One major difference was the argument between Darry and Ponyboy, In the book, Ponyboy has a very good and close relationship with his second older brother Sodapop but doesn’t really get along with his oldest brother Darry. In the movie he still had a close relationship with Sodapop, but he gets along better with Darry, the book created a feeling of hatred between Ponyboy and Darry but in the movie although they acted like they didn’t love each other but the tough Darry in the book was caring and considered about Ponyboy.

When he was out with Johnny the other day they got back from the movie they fell asleep in the lots and he woke up really late then he left the lot to go home. When he got home Darry and Sodapop were really worried about him, thinking something was wrong with ponyboy. Out of frustration and anger Darry slapped ponyboy according to the book, but in the movie he pushed / Shoved ponyboy over, Violence in families vary in this family Darry shoving ponyboy over caused him to run away with Johnny because he found that very offensive at Darry’s end.

Also the death of Dally in the book was actually different from his death in the movie. When Dally dies in the book, it was because he robbed a store, but it doesn’t give enough details about what happened when Dally robbed the store. Also, when he got shot by the cops, in the book, he was shot under a streetlight and all the cops shot him all at once. In the book it explained that he was dead before he hit the ground. There are similarities between when Dally dies in the movie and when he dies in the book.

In both the movie and the book, it seemed as if he wanted to die and he was being chased by the cops because he robbed a store. The cops shot him because he pulled a gun even if it wasn’t loaded. The difference was that in the movie he got shot once at a time by the cops and he didn’t die instantly. He rolled down a hill, so unlike in the book he wasn’t under a streetlight, and he actually said Ponyboys name before he died. The movie had some deleted scenes.

For example, in the book when Ponyboy was talking with Cherry Valance, a Soc, they were talking about different things, and he remembered what had happened to Johnny, They talked about how bad some of the socs that came in a blue Mustang had beaten him up pretty badly. It all started when Johnny was in the vacant lot retrieving a football when some soc’s got out of a blue mustang, caught him, and started beating him up. After that Day Johnny was a nervous and timid wreck. The difference is in the movie, The movie never covered that scene.

Since they left that out, no one knows exactly why Johnny is so scared when it came to seeing that blue mustang and Bob, one of the Soc’s getting out of the car. Either way in the book and the movie , when Bob and the other Soc’s jump Johnny and Ponyboy in the park, Johnny kills Bob because he is scared that bob might drown Ponyboy. Another scene left out, is the scene when Cherry Valance and Ponyboy are standing in line for the concessions at the drive-in movie, and were talking. One of the topics was about Sodapop, who is Ponyboy’s second oldest brother. The one thing that they said about him was when he had a horse named Mickey Mouse.

The horse used to belong to a guy in a stable who he used to work for. So, Soda ended up naming it Mickey Mouse and would always ride the horse. But this was personal to him and it marked a point where Ponyboy trusted Cherry to just talk and wasn’t nervous around her, the difference is that in the movie they don’t show this conversation between Ponyboy and Cherry about Sodapop. This is important because it helps us to understand why Cherry decides to be a spy for the Greasers during the rumble, and why Ponyboy trusts her well enough to help out their gang.

Instead no one knows how close of a friendship Ponyboy and Cherry have. Whether the story comes from the pages of a book or a movie, they are full of similarity and differences, but even though not everyone gets along in the beginning in the end is where it counts. In conclusion another thing about the book and the movie is that in the book it seems like an experience that could have actually happened to someone out in the real world. When the characters were sad or happy, it seemed as if it was real and they weren’t just characters in a book.

However in the movie it implies a different idea, because it didn’t seem to be as real as the book did explain it to be. It did come out as if it could have happened, but the way the actors acted their feelings out, it didn’t explain or express how they felt, when they were sad or happy. It seemed as they were trying too hard to act like they were heartbroken or scared or completely ecstatic. But whether the story comes from the pages of a book or a movie. They are full of similarity and differences, but in both, even though not everyone gets along in the beginning, the end is there to count on.

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