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John Reynolds Court Case Study Essay

On 12/03/2015 at 1035 hours, Detective John Reynolds with the Great Bend Police Department and myself had Kerry J. Partridge brought over from the Barton County Jail, for an interview. Partridge was taken into the interview room in the Detectives Office, in reference to cases that the Great Bend Police Department and the Barton County Sheriff Office was working. At 1045 hours Detective Reynolds read Partridge his Miranda Warning, and had Partridge sign his initial rights form. Partridge said, yes he would talk with us and understood his rights.

Detective Reynolds asked Partridge if Edwards County came and talked with him last night, and Partridge said, yes. Detective Reynolds told Partridge it is going to be on the same lines. The first case Detective Reynolds talked with Partridge about was the one in Saint John, where Partridge was cashing Brian Lundquist checks, and there is 3 forgery case’s that he is involved in at this time. Detective Reynolds told Partridge what they try to do in Barton County is lump all the cases together, but he cannot promise Partridge that will happen this time.

The Brian Lundquist case was breaking in stealing a gun, coins, and the checks. Partridge said, he did not break into that house, the checks were in his bag. Detective Reynolds asked him, what bag. Partridge advised he had his bag at a friends house and picked his bag up. Detective Reynolds asked Partridge what friends house. Partridge said, it was at Sheldon’s house, and the checks were in it when he picked up his bag. Partridge also advised Sheldon lived down the street from Lundquist. Partridge started talking about all his things are missing and everybody has been talking and it was a big mess.

Detective Reynolds asked Partridge where he got the checks from Christopher Loman and Diedra Mapes. Partridge said, they are not my checks. Detective Reynolds said, they were in your bags. Partridge said, they might have been in the vehicle but they were not on him, it’s the people he hangs around. Detective Reynolds told Partridge the way he understood it, the checks were on him. Partridge told Detective Reynolds they were not on him, not physically, he did not know where they were at. Partridge said, everything in his blue backpack were his shoes.

Detective Reynolds told Partridge you had Billy Olson’s wallet in your pocket. Partridge said, my ID was in that wallet. Detective Reynolds told Partridge that was a Burglary out of Edwards County and Partridge said, yes. Partridge was asked if he was involved in that and Partridge said, he was driving the vehicle, for Sheldon. Partridge started talking about how Sheldon would do stupid things and steal from him but then talked about being with Sheldon. Detective Reynolds asked Partridge if he talked with Sheldon,would he tell us that Partridge did it.

Partridge said, he probably would, but then Partridge said, I don’t know what he would say. Detective Reynolds told Partridge they had him on several camera’s in reference to checks. Detective Reynolds told Partridge about a subject in Claflin also, a Jason Vasquez. Partridge said, yeah from him. Partridge said, he was selling some personal items to Vasquez, and that was possibly a year ago. Detective Reynolds asked Partridge about a Vance Vinsonhaler and Partridge told him that was stupid as hell, he told Vinsonhaler he wanted to see video.

Partridge said, that guy is going to ruin his life, if you go in Vinsonhaler’s house and garage it is all stolen property. Partridge said, that Vinsonhaler and his mom are the biggest thieves in town. Partridge denied everything with the Vinsonhaler case that the Great Bend Police Department has, and wants to see video that Vinsonhaler says he has Partridge on stealing. Detective Reynolds asked Partridge if he had any idea where the gun is from Lundquist Burglary, and Partridge said, he has no idea. Detective Reynolds asked Partridge about some checks he cashed with Venie Dominguez.

Partridge said, yeah, but I can’t make her do what she does. Detective Reynolds told Partridge you gave her the checks, that was in your bags. Partridge said, “no, I did not take the checks, I came across those checks”. I explained to Partridge you are on video cashing the check with her name on it, Partridge said, how is that, I told him I don’t know how they cashed that check, but you were cashing it. Detective Reynolds showed Partridge a copy of the check. Partridge said that is not my handwriting, he was advised but you are on video cashing the check.

Partridge said, she had to be with him, and Detective Reynolds said, maybe but you are cashing it at Dillons in Saint John. Partridge said, some of the checks were made out. Detective Reynolds asked Partridge about the steroids he had on him and he said, he did not have them on him, they were in the vehicle in one of those bags. Partridge said, it was hard to tell, it was in that one or another one. Detective Reynolds asked Partridge, you said, you picked up that bag from Sheldon and he said, no I picked up the wallet.

Detective Reynolds said, but you said, you picked up the blue backpack of yours at Sheldon’s. Partridge said, “no,” I did not, we told Partridge, yes you said, that earlier in the interview, and then he said, he picked it up at his house. Partridge said, a few days after he picked up his backpack he saw the checks in his backpack. Detective Reynolds asked Partridge how many blue bags does he think is like his, and Partridge said, that is mine. Partridge was getting confused and getting upset and said, he was done, lock him up or whatever.

Detective Reynolds asked Partridge about a case in Ellinwood and the guy reported being robbed by you. Partridge said, oh my god. Detective Reynolds said, it was a white male. Partridge, asked who he got robbed by, and Detective Reynolds said, you. Partridge said, that is the stupidest fucking case ever, the dude gave Partridge a $100. 00, he wanted to go to Great Bend right now and Partridge took him and the guy had him pull over and accused him of taking the money. Detective Reynolds asked Partridge about a Matt Engstrom.

Partridge said, “oh god, I am done, that is stupid, I am done”, I will talked to the Judge, I am not saying nothing else. Tasked Partridge if he would talk to me in reference to a couple of our cases you have have been read your Miranda and I could read them again whatever he wanted. Partridge said, he didn’t care and I could read him his Miranda again. At 1100 hours | read Partridge his Miranda and he agreed to talk with me. I explained to Partridge maybe he was there with them, and they are pointing the finger at you only, that is what we are trying to get him to tell us.

I told Partridge one case I want to talk to him about is, the range house 15-1180, and Partridge said, no. Partridge told me Dave Paden had talked with him about that. Partridge said, anybody on the streets will tell you that Kerry will not even go into somebody’s drive , Partridge said, he would take a Polygraph on that. I told Partridge the person that told us about this said, you tried to sale them a TV and a IPAD with Hoisington School on it. , and they saw the IPAD. Partridge told me whoever said that is lying, he has never had anything like that.

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