The Role of The jury system

The jury system consists of twelve people who sit in criminal and civil events to make decisions on matters of facts. These are the people of who command great dignity and respect in the society and in some instances they have expert knowledge on various matters that warrant them to sit in court and contribute … Read more

Rigorous Reasoning

In a time when a black man lives in the White House, most Americans believe their nation has moved past racial oppression. Police Shootings may still grab headlines, but adherents to colorblindness view them largely as an isolated problem. In The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander vigorously challenges this public consensus. By understanding the intensely … Read more

What Is Plea Bargaining?

In our Canadian Criminal Justice system, there are many issues that need to be changed, improved or completely demolished by the government. Me as a criminology student, I would like to target the issue of plea bargaining. Plea Bargaining is an agreement in a criminal case between the prosecutor and the defendant, that usually involves … Read more

Celebrated Cases: The Wedding Cake Model of Criminal Justice

This paper’s topic is over the articles that CNN uses under its “Crime + Justice” category. The articles selected for the paper show multiple different cases that would be considered “celebrated cases” under “The Wedding Cake Model of Criminal Justice”. After looking through many of the articles, it appears all the cases under the category … Read more

An Alternative for Prison

Subjects: Criminal justice, Crime, Prison, Punishment. Keywords: America’s prisons, restitution costs, criminal justice system, nonviolent offender, meaningful work, much money, prison system, victims of their crimes, nonviolent criminals, course of my studies, Daniel Van Ness, author David Simon, assets of organized crime members. America’s prisons have been called “graduate schools for crime. ” It stands to reason: … Read more