Short Term Effects Of Marijuana

Marijuana’s effects on the body and the mind are only recently being known, and still much research must be done to know for sure what facts are true, as well as what is blown out of proportion from cultural and political bias. From what we know now there are obvious short term affects as well … Read more

Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized

There seems to be a pretty big debate about whether marijuana should or should not be legalized. First off, I want to state clearly that my opinion is that it should not, under any circumstances, be legalized. It is fine if it is prescribed to you for medical purposes, but only in the recommended dosage. … Read more

Legalization Of Marijuana

Ever since the United States has declared a war on drugs, Marijuana has been considered an illegal drug. There has been constant debate on whether the drug should be legalized or kept illegal next to drugs that are far more dangerous then marijuana is. Science has proven that marijuana can treat or improve the health … Read more