The Florentino Crime Family

Italian Americans immigration to Calif. Italians were a number of the primary European explorers and settlers of Calif. . non secular duties and also the rummage around for new fishing grounds were initial reasons for Italians to explore what later became the 31st state, however their reasons for staying distended once inward. although we regularly … Read more

History of hair & fibers in forensic science

The importance of examining a hair or fiber was documented in the early stages of forensic science. One of the first forensic science reports involving the scientific study of hair was published in France, in 1857. This introduced the idea of hair and fiber analysis and the field expanded fast in the early 20th century … Read more

Why do people join gangs?

Gangs have been a part of popular culture ever since the dawn of time. Everyone can agree that any gang-related activities and crimes are against the law, but people still join it regardless with various reasons. From researching, People join gangs because they need a desire for protection. Adding on to that, they join gangs … Read more

Breaking the Cycle of Child Abuse

Children are abused in this country every day. Studies into what constitutes abuse and the effects, both long term and short term are ongoing, and have been ongoing for many years. There are real problems both in defining abuse, as well as the potential strategies and implementations that should be in place to reduce the … Read more

Security for unified communications

As organizations started relying more on unified communications, the management of voice, video and messaging through one unified system has developed concern about the security of this IP-based communications infrastructure. This has happened due to the fact that UC is IP-based but there are so many potential modes of communication, from video, instant messaging and … Read more

Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (The IAFIS)

The IAFIS stands for Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification system. It is managed by the FBI, and is used as a national automated fingerprint identification system. The Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification system has automated fingerprint search capabilities, latent searching capability, electronic image storage, and electronic exchange of fingerprints and responses. By submitting fingerprints electronically, agencies receive … Read more

Alcatraz: The Best Prison for Al Capone and Those of His Kind

History of Alcatraz What do you do with extremely dangerous prisoners? The answer is Alcatraz: “The Rock”, a small island off of San Francisco, California. Alcatraz kept some of the most ruthless killers and big name criminals locked up, safely away from society from 1943 to 1963. Today, Alcatraz no longer functions as a prison, … Read more

How Ethical Is The Use Of Polygraphs, Forensic Testing And Voice Stress Analyzer?

The use of polygraphs, voice stress analyzers, and forensic testing in sensitive areas, such as the questioning of suspects in criminal cases, recruitment processes (e.g. by the FBI), investigation of insurance fraud and interrogation of current or potential employees raises certain ethical issues. In particular, the appropriateness of compelling, or coercing people to undertake such … Read more

Egg Drop Protection Proposal

The 2017-2018 class of conceptual physics was faced with a problem. It was up to them to prevent a raw egg from cracking despite falling from 1 meter. Unfortunately, egg stock has recently plummeted and added further restrictions. Now we were only allowed to use about ten different materials, and of course, they were all … Read more

The unlawful act manslaughter

Firstly, the term ‘criminalisation’ means turning a legal activity into an illegal activity, hence making it a criminal offence. The Latin term ‘Actus non facit reum, nisi men sit rea’ means ‘an act does not make a man guilty of a crime unless his mind be also guilty’ (Monaghan, Criminal Law, p. 21). This literally … Read more

Tragedy of Freedom in a Commons

There is a dilemma in increasing the military power because it risks security. Consequently, the problem on overpopulation cannot be solving using technical solutions for the reason that seeking technological solutions not really solve the fundamental problem. What shall we maximize? Since our world is finite, therefore it can only support finite population. So, Bentham’s … Read more

Types of White Collar Crimes

A crime is described as an action or failure to act, which results into an injury to a person and is sanctioned by the state. They are also known as offences. These are happenings that are forbidden by law and punishable if committed. In contrast to civil wrongs, the state has an interest in crimes … Read more

Theories Of Kidnapping

Anazonwu, C., Onyemaechi, C. and Igwilo, C. (2018) “Psychology of Kidnapping”, Practicum Psychologia. In the research of Anazonwu, C., Onyemaechi, C. and Igwilo, C. (2018) to understand the motivations and determination of a kidnapper they found that there is not yet a psychological theory for a cause. A kidnapper will usually deliberately inflict violence with … Read more

Should Graffiti Be Treated as Art?

My views on Graffiti is it Art or Vandalism that is the question many people want to know there are two sides to this debate the people who feels graffiti is art and also a form of self expression and the others who feels it is nothing but ruthless out of the way vandalism. Both … Read more

Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR)

“ Symantec has released their 2016 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), volume 21. It is an analysis of data-based of cyber security issues for the last year. Symantec has been producing such reports for more than 10 yrs. The key findings are listed below A New Zero-Day Vulnerability Discovered Every Week: Attackers gain profit from … Read more

The Henry Classification system for fingerprint identification

The earliest form of Biometrics looked on the act back in the 1800’s. Alphonse Bertillon, a Parisian anthropologist and police department desk worker, established a method for recognizing criminals that became known as Bertillonage. Bertillonage was a form of anthropometry, a organization by which dimensions of the body are taken for classification and evaluation purposes. … Read more

The Problem of Overcrowding in American State Prisons

OVERCROWDING IN PRISON Some prisons in the nation have been reported with poor conditions. Among the causal agents of the worsening state of the jails is overcrowding. Some state prisons have absorbed a high number of prisoners, hence exceeding the carrying capacity of the prisons. The prison department has reported congestion as a significant threat … Read more

Gang Violence in Romeo and Juliet, a Play by William Shakespeare

Gangs are socially destructive and detrimental to society for several reasons. Very often they will seek to control their group and the surrounding community through fear and violent crime. Rivalries and territory wars with other gangs bring violence to neighborhoods and endanger the lives of law-abiding citizens. As the situations escalate, violence increases from one-on-one … Read more

Negative consequences of stealing

Stealing is uncouth behavior or a bad idea that has put people in troubles and has affected the offenders in negative ways in their entire lives. Besides, stealing also has negative impacts on the society hence is usually minimized through laws. On the same note, it brings legal, social and personal consequences and punishment. There … Read more

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

‘CPTED’ is an acronym that stands for ‘Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design’. It is a method of crime prevention that is closely linked with environmental criminology which is the concept of environmental design and environmental management put together. “The nature of the built environment can affect the level of crime both by influencing potential offenders … Read more

Popularity Of Street Gangs

Introduction. The purpose of this paper is to study the features that constitute the culture of street gangs. The reason for choosing such topic for this paper is the fact that gang violence is becoming a crucial problem for the United States and many other nations around the world. Only in the United States, around … Read more

Freedom from Domestic Violence and the Enforcement of Restraining Orders: Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales case

In Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales (2005), the Supreme Court majority ruled that Gonzales Fourteenth Amendment was not violated. The Fourteenth Amendment states that a State shall not “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. The plaintiff Gonzales argued that her due process was violated because law enforcement … Read more

History of hair and fiber analysis

In forensic science history, the importance of examining a hair or fiber was recorded at its early stages. One of the first forensic science articles involving the scientific study of hair was published in France, in 1857. This introduced the knowledge of hair and fiber analysis and this study continued flourishing in the early 20th … Read more

A Solution To Stop Gang Violence

This same important idea about gang crimes is brought out in my first library article. This article, entitled “FEDS JOIN WAR ON GANGS” from the “Daily News of Los Angeles” on December17,2002 and written by Mariel Garza brings out the key point that the city of Los Angeles has joined federal crime fighters in a … Read more

Death Penalty Should be Abolished

Imagine you are accused of murder. You are poor so you know that you had a slim chance of winning without a good lawyer. There is very little evidence to support that you are innocent but still get put to death by lethal injection. Later on, after further research and investigation, people found out that … Read more

The effects of solitary confinement

Solitary confinement Abstract Solitary confinement is the practice of isolating people in closed cells for 22-24 hours a day, virtually free of human contact, for periods of time ranging from days to decades. Few prison systems use the term “solitary confinement”, instead referring to prison “segregation” or placement in “restrictive housing”. As this may be … Read more

Advanced Persistent Threat And Its Relation To Organizational Security

INTRODUCTION Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) represent the most critical menace to modern organizations. Unlike automated broad range attacks, APTs are human-driven infiltrations, perpetrated over long periods of time, customized for the targeted organization after some intelligence analyses, possibly on open sources, and can even leverage unknown exploits to infiltrate vulnerable systems. The economic cost for … Read more