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A Common Criticism Against Jack Aron

“There is only so much on Earth and it is a waste of time to continue your delusional ways” A common criticism against Jack Aron. The great adventurer who discovered nothing. In dreams he stood among the greatest adventures atop his own mountain in his own continent, however in reality he sat in a dirty depressing apartment. The ceiling was caked in mold with broken drywall and rotting carpet completing the lovely room. Lying in a musty creaky bed he stared at the ceiling lost in a world of dreams, but he could not find joy in them.

Across the room sat the reason for his misery a woman with large blue eyes and dull blonde hair with strokes of grey around the temples. A ring decorated her finger, a ring that he gave her on that day he signed ambition away. The ring meant nothing as their marriage had grown hollow with age. He turned his eyes towards the T. V. that blared out its usual speal. Corrupt politicians, mass genocide, society burning to the ground, etc… It was all the same. The monotony broke as a colored feed interrupted the normal broadcast showing multiple scientists standing at the border of a new area.

The report reminded him of his secret agenda. It was time. It was time to break her heart and rekindle a dying life. People were calling it the neverending plains. A large amount of grasslands and in the center a mushroom cloud hovered emitting ash and soot. It had been discovered only two weeks ago yet researchers and soldiers around every inch of the border. The line that divided the known form the unknown had been made very clear after the incident. Three separate teams of researchers had made their way into the grasslands and after nearly two weeks later they were off the radar.

Planes, helicopters, and drones experienced complete technological failure the moment they crossed the border. The danger was a siren calling Jack forward. The sense of the adventure, the thrill, and the freedom sat in front of him. He had arrived on the border fully stocked with provisions and a wide grin smeared on his face. Two soldiers approached with trembling hands and faces pale as snow with mouths dribling saliva. “ Y’all better not cross dat dare line or else y’all get jelly brain” Jack was baffled and tired to make sense of the soldiers warning while wiping of the soldiers globs of spit.

Jack took a long step back before he responded. “ Nothing is going to stop me. My destiny, my legacy, my dream lies beyond this border. I am not scared of anything. ” Jack’s ego was flaring as each passionate word entered the air. “ HAHAHA, you gonna die out there. Jelly brain or naw. ” The soldiers fell to the ground and slowly disappeared. Their chest pieces began to flop as two giant goldfish inched their way through the shirt and into the the plains. Jack merely observed the spectacle and with a violent head shake and a slap he awoke to reality.

With a firm foot and determination burning in his eyes he crossed the border entering the neverending plains. Harsh winds greeted him on the other side. This sun’s glare was blocked out by a thick layer of dark clouds and the large fields flail in the powerful gusts. The wind sent large chunks of earth over his head. Aging men with finger puppets clinged to the stones as they thrashed into the atmosphere. Within minutes the wind hushed and the fields rested once again, therefore now without delays Jack continued deeper into the unexplored terrain.

After hours of hiking he came to sign, with up arrows labeled north and south and the inverse east and west. Concentrating on the odd guide, Jack did not notice as a short man walked slowly from behind. Startled Jack quickly drew his blade ready to decapitate the small man. The man wore a kimono that fluttered without wind, his face a mess of wrinkles and age spots with a closed mouth and two bulging pink masses where his eyes should be. “ You will like my sign. ” With unexpected velocity two tongues shot out of his eye sockets and began to lash jack endlessly covering him in a cold slime.

The sword and backpack hit the ground as Jack ran from the abomination. After covering five hundred yards Jack peered over his shoulder and observed that the man disappeared along with his saber and pack of provisions. Jack decided to move on, however not before analyzing the sign for nearly two hours. “ It is good sign. ” Five days had passed since the sign incident. Jack was growing weary as he continued to walk, the bright fire of passion that burned in his eyes was reduced to a mere ember.

Countless doubts passed in his mind questioning the his reasons and his actions, but no matter how logical he shrugged them off clinging to an idea of fame. He would not be another sheep marching through life towards the grave, rather his discovery would put his name in every book, on every television, and on multiple statues. He would not be forgotten. The grass was still the same and no matter the distance the mushroom cloud did not come closer. The winds were beginning to pick up and bright flashes of thunder shattered through the cloud layer.

Excited, Jack open his arms to the heavens expecting a rejuvenating shower, however when the first drop struck his eye the pain was overwhelming. He examined the pellet now lying on the ground. Immediately he threw the object onto the ground and sprinted away from the storm. Falling from the sky was not water, but tiny human fingers with little legs and circular mouths. The fingers attached themselves to Jack’s face and bare arms piercing the outer skin they began to suckle the fresh blood from his fresh wounds.

The world began to swirl and change as the grass turned from its normal pale green to vibrant reds, oranges, purples, and yellows. The parasitic phalanges shuffled through every color imaginable and through some unimaginable with the stains of blood taking on a dull blue. “ I always knew that blood was blue. ” Jack whispered. In the distance singing accompanied by the tone of ukuleles was heard and the ground began to violently shake. Hundreds of giants walked into sight each balding and wearing hula skirts.

Jack began to cry for the nightmare would not end as hour by hour the madness expanded creating new creatures, scenes, noises, tastes, smells, and feelings. Jack felt a being’s presence. Thru the tears he saw only a brown blob, but as the grass would later reveal the object was a ukulele being smashed over his head. Large clouds of dark ash swept past Jack’s body. His legs were mangled, his eyes bloodshot, his heart racing, and his beard flowing. Two weeks had passed since the giant encounter and during the span he had only moved two feet.

He never did stop crying for his dreams and legacy had been crushed leaving his life the same as before the expedition: meaningless. The mushroom cloud loomed at his feet emitting high pitched screams sorrowful moans while inhaling every pebble, blade, and remnant. Fog dispersed onto the the ground and began to engulf Jack within a heavenly glow. Lifting from the cold dirt, he was brought near the edge of the mass where dark faces formed and morphed. A booming voice shattered through the clouds, echoing in the vast plains. “ Jack, my lost child.

Do you not see where you are or does desire blind the most basic senses. A wife, a home, a job, and a beating heart yet you threw it all away simply in the name of fear. Tell me why did you destroy everything. ” Jack was on the verge of tears and as the last echoes silence he gathered the few ounces of strength and spoke. “ My fortune” The voice returned. “ A hollow fortune at best. All humans whether the the useless scum or the greatest leaders will be forgotten. With time their names will fade and the world will continue with its routines.

It is for this reason that all must enjoy life. Whatever cards they are dealt merely rejoice in the fact that they were even given cards. Life should be a joyful time, not something squandered away with delusions of greatness. You threw away this great gift and so you shall fade and join those who now experience nothing. ” The voice silenced and Jack was brought into the cloud. His hand turned black and slowly eroded into powder. He closed his eyes as his body broke apart spreading ash into the atmosphere. So ends Jack the great explorer who discovered nothing.

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