Essay about House On Mango Street Cisneros

The House on Mango Street written by Sandra Cisneros emerges as a piece of literary mastery demonstrated through the multilevel narration and celebration of subjective representation. The author utilizes the unusual practice of thorough weaving of the tapestry containing the main character’s opinions and cognitive processes that exist within the matrix of three levels of … Read more

Essay about Attractiveness In American Naturalism

Facts can be found in the details. Within every detail perhaps, there holds a shred of untold truth. There is a sense of objectiveness in regards to these small pieces of truth and their very real, factual nature. Paired with survival of the fittest, the truthful details manifest themselves in the form of American naturalism. … Read more

“Ghosts” by Henrik Ibsen: Short Review

In his play “Ghosts”, Ibsen forces the reader to think about his own ideas and believes, as well as those of society and past ages. Symbolism is one technique repeatedly used to portray the author’s ideas through rain, light, fire, the orphanage, Oswald, and through Engstrand himself. The use of religion is also interesting in … Read more

Sophists: man is the measure of all things

Subjects: Plato, Truth, Philosophy, Epistemology. Keywords: task of Socrates, Greek philosophy, kind of good, knowledge of the mechanisms, main art, essence of the teachings of Socrates, criterion of truth. Man and consciousness – this is a topic that enters into Greek philosophy instead of with sophists (sophists – teachers of wisdom). The most famous among them were … Read more

The problem of truth. Aristotle, Kant

The purpose of this work is to study one of the fundamental problems in philosophy, reflected in the work of almost any philosopher. The problem of the truth of knowledge, the criteria of truth has long been interested in prominent minds. Without a solution to the problem for itself, not a single field of knowledge … Read more