The Big Bang theory

Scientists believe the Universe began in a hot ‘big bang’ about 13,600 million years ago. The Universe continues to expand today. The evidence for the Big Bang theory includes the existence of a microwave background radiation, and red-shift. Stars do not remain the same, but change as they age. Scientists have gathered a lot of … Read more

Fiction and Flatland’s Theory of Imaginary Worlds

In this piece, Nozick proposes the idea of multiple fictional universes within one another. This means that the author who created one fictional universe is actually a character in another fictional universe whose author is also a character, and so on. This concept is similar to the main themes in Abbott’s “Flatland”, seeing as both … Read more

Mission to Colonize Mars

Mankind has always reached for the “stars” and the moon and its now Mars. The stars are exploding balls of gas like the sun and cannot be landed on. Man went to the moon in 1969, and from that mission has learned how to live in space for a short time successfully. Colonizing Mars is … Read more

Is universe finite or infinite?

It’s an existential question most of us have probably pondered at some point: is space infinite? It’s tricky to answer because there’s not just one kind of infinity to consider. Even if the universe goes on forever, it may not be infinitely large. It could be bounded like the surface of the Earth, allowing you … Read more

Did God create the Universe?

The claim that our universe began, and did not always exist, brings enormous challenges to scientists who do not believe that the universe was created by God.Are scientists part of the Big Bang theory? Yes. In the late 1920s, astronomer Edwin Hubble saw through his telescope that galaxies (a few million light-years away) were rushing … Read more

The Beginning of the Universe

Billion years ago, there was an extra-ordinary event without which nothing would exist. It was the beginning of the universe. It was the time when a large amount of energy in an infinitely small space violently expanded and led to the creation of universe and everything else that we see around us today. It can … Read more