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La Manzana Short Story Essay

As Esperanza stared at Mama through her tears, she wondered if life would ever be the same as it once was. “No se preocupe,” whispered Abuelita, ” It’s going to be okay. ” Esperanza knew that Abuelita was just trying to get her to feel better, but she wanted to believe her. Later that night, while trying to fall asleep, Esperanza heard Mama sobbing downstairs. She wanted to go comfort her, but she knew she would just make her cry more. She slowly fell asleep, and her dream turned into more and more of nightmare. She dreamt of creepy bandits with long, tendril like rms that were just waiting to take Papa away from her.

She saw Papa, tiny and helpless, in a horde of bandits chasing him to get him off of this earth. She saw Mama, not knowing of what was currently going on in the land of the banditos. She saw herself, waiting for Papa, to spend a lovely evening together. She saw Miguel, riding a horse made of tears to the house, to give them the dreadful news. Esperanza woke up the next day to the sound of Mama yelling at herself, saying things like “You could have helped! ” and, ” This is all your fault! ” “No! Don’t talk to yourself that way! yelled Esperanza, seeing her mom huddled in the corner of the kitchen.

She heard crying, which soon turned into laughter, and soon into a purring-like grumbling. “A-Are you okay? ” asked Esperanza. Roggermeier 2 “He-He-He” said Mama, ” You’re a cute little mole rat, aren’t you? ” Esperanza knew something weird was going on, and she began to wonder if Mama had become mentally ill. Over the next few days, Mama became weirder and weirder. Esperanza, after days of pondering the decision, finally decided to get out the house, and run away from home. She found a local farmer oing out for a trip to Mexico City and asked if she could hitch a ride.

After about ten minutes of waiting, he settled on letting her come with him. However, after an hour of riding in his wagon, he kicked her out. She was left in the middle of nowhere. El Platano Bananas Walking for miles until she could barely feel her feet she saw a small house in the distance and, even though it was excruciatingly painful, walked to it. She knocked on the door. A small rectangle-shaped window appeared to have have a pair of eyes behind it. The person behind the door asked, “What are you doing here? How’d you find us?! ” “Someone dropped me off a few miles back, and I walked here.

“Who? ” “A farmer that was going to Mexico city. ” He looked to the east. He looked to the west. Nobody seemed to be following her. A series of what could’ve been a thousand locks were opened. He invited in Esperanza. “The name’s Ricardo. I live here with my wife, Sofia, and my son, Juan. What did you come here for? ” “I was hoping that you could give me a place to stay for a few days, or until I can find an inn. ” “How much money you got? ” “500 pesos, sir. ” “Hmm.. I’ll give you one week to find a new place. If that’s that’s not enough time for you, we’ll kick you out. ” “Yes sir. Thank you sir. She took a look around the house.

Stacked at an angle against the doorway to the living room was various pieces of a broken fence. Next to it was a small bag of beef jerky, with a rose on the opposite side of the fence pieces. For a second, Esperanza thought that they could have been the bandits that killed her father, but then she thought that they were in the middle of nowhere, so it would make no sense for them to be bandits. And they seemed like trustable people, so she brushed off that thought. Ricardo’s son walked down the steps into the living room, where Esperanza was sitting. W-Who are you? ” asked the six-year old boy, “Are you going to steal from us? ” “My name’s Esper-” “Because we stole this stuff fare and square, missy. ” “Y-You stole this stuff?! ” asked Esperanza, shocked to think that her gut feeling of them being bandits was, in fact, true.

“Sure did. My papa said that when he killed that ‘dumb old owner of El Rancho de la Rosas,’ he decided it was the best decision he ever made. He had been planning on doing it for years, but he never got the right chance to. “Th-that man, h-he was my father. ” “Oh. Rough topic. I’m just going to.. Juan dashed out of the room. Esperanza started crying. Sofia ran downstairs, at the sound of Esperanza’s tears. “Oh, no, no, no! Who’s crying? Please don’t cry! ” “Please leave me alone! Your family killed my father! ” “Oh. Um… we had a reason for that. La Cereza Cherry At dinner that night, she stared in horror at the man who killed her father. He finally spoke up.

“You know, life for a bandit like me isn’t so easy! ” he yelled. “I have to support my family with the things I pick up from targets! ” “Have you ever seen the tiny hings that they usually carry with them?! “My son was about to die, but when I saw your papa on the fence, I knew that his pocket money would pay for the hospital bill. Your father, in a way, saved my son’s life. ” “I had no choice. I’m sorry. ” “Apology not accepted. ” She said through her tears. “I just want to go home! ” “Fine. I’ll drive you home,” said Sofia. “Tomorrow morning, l’ll take you home in our wagon. ” *sniff* “Thanks,” said Esperanza, La Fresa Strawberry In the wagon, Esperanza remembered about Mama. She was going mentally insane, and it for sure didn’t help that Esperanza eft her out of the blue.

She knew that Mama would be mad, but she was glad to get out of Ricardo’s home. She wondered what Mama’s reaction would be. She immediately realized what a mistake she had made. She knew that she should’ve put her family first, and been there for Mama. As the tears came streaming down her face, she buried her face in her hands. Esperanza just wanted this whole thing to blow over. The past few days were blurry and painful. “Esperanza? ” asked Sofia. “Yes? ” “We’re here” Las Uvas Grapes “Mama! ” Esperanza cried out, running into her arms. “Oh, I missed you so much!

I was so worried, Anza. ” Esperanza noticed noticed that Mama was much better. “H-how did you recover from that whole… ” “Oh, my illness? I went to the doctor, and a therapist. The doctor gave me medicine, and the therapist really helped me with all of my bundled up feelings. ” “A-are you mad at me, Mama? ” “No. I was frustrated at first, but Abuelita informed me that you were probably just emotional, and i knew that with Papa’s blood, you’d be fine. ” “Yeah… about Papa. ” Esperanza told Mama the whole story, and at the end, Mama was happy.

“Why are you smiling, Mama? I’m glad that our spirits got some redemption, with meeting his killer. And u rn even happier that you’re back, safe and sound. ” That night, they had a feast in celebration of Esperanza’s return, and of them getting over Papa’s death. That night. Esperanza knew that she could sleep easy knowing that everything was okay in her family. She knew know that even though Papa’s death was bad, saving Juan’s life was a good thing, She knew how bad it was to lose a member of the family, and she wouldn’t wish that on Ricardo’s family. “Anza? ” Mama walked in her room. “Yes? ” “I love you. ” “I love you too. “

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