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Mabel: A Short Story

“Are you sure you’ll be fine without me? ” Mabel asked, twiddling her numbs nervously as she sat on her bed in the room she shared with her brother in the Mystery Shack. Mabel was preparing to leave for a fun day with her friends, Candy and Grenda, as she planned to spend this summer more focused on friends and family more so than romance. In response to her question, Dipper gave a small nod, and coughed in between. Dipper gave her a weak smile, his voice cracked awkwardly even more than usual because he was congested.

Mabel tried her best to return the smile, and she grabbed her pink backpack, before putting it on she shoved a nearby glitter notebook in her backpack. “If I see anything weird, I’ll record it for you, okay? ” Mabel looked at her brother who gave her an excited look. “Thanks, Mabel. ” Dipper closed his eyes and began to rest, and Mabel hoped he would get better soon. Mabel made her way out the room, making sure to close the door quietly. She walked down the stairs and shouted before leaving, “bye Soos!

I’ll be seeing you later, I’m going to hang out with Candy and Grenda! ” As she walked out she heard Soos reply by saying “alright Mabel, see ya! Don’t stay out too late! ” he was probably busy stocking the shelves, the Mystery Shack had gotten more customers even since that one summer, where… that whole apocalypse thing happened. Ever since the end of last summer, Soos has been running the Mystery Shack with his girlfriend, Melody. Abuelita, Soos’ grandmother, would occasionally help, but she was mostly sitting on her chair, knitting.

Stan and Ford were still out on the open sea, there were originally supposed to be back in time for Dipper and Mabel’s current summer, but they couldn’t make it due to an amazing discovery, but the two grunkles promised they would try to make it back in time before the two leave. Dipper obviously couldn’t wait to hear about it, and Mabel was pretty exciteed to hear about the two’s adventures, she just wasn’t as vocal about it as Dipper. Well, at least, Dipper wasn’t very vocal about it anymore. Dipper had started to get very sick for the past four days, they’ve only been back in Gravity Falls for two weeks.

Dipper at first called it ‘just allergies’, but Mabel wasn’t having that, she was certain there was something very wrong with him, the two usually got their allergies at the same time. But ultimately, Mabel trusted her brother’s intuition but she still felt there it was more than just allergies. Mabel tried to forget about all that, as she was making her way to Greasy’s Diner to meet up with her friends, and she felt her phone buzz in her skirt pocket. She brought it out, and it was a text from Grenda. She opened up the message, and read: HEY GURL WHERE ARE YOU ME N CANDY R WAITING FOR U AT GREASY’S! ( A wide grin made it’s way onto Mabel’s face, and she responded back while laughing.

Don’t worry I’m almost there I just was making sure sir dipping sauce was okay 😉 c u there! She walked as she responded to her friend, and by the time she was outside of Greasy’s Diner. She could see Grenda and Candy chatting at a booth from outside, and walked in towards their booth. “Hey girls! ” Mabel smiled a genuine smile, happy to see her friends, this was the first time they saw each other this summer, aside from the occasional photos they would send each other via instant messaging.

The two girls mentioned got out of their booths, and Grenda pulled Mabel into a big hug, then Candy joined the hug fest too. “OH MY GOSH MABEL! IT’S BEEN FOREVER! ” Grenda shouted, causing a few glares from other customers. “It is so nice to see you again. ” Candy smiled, tightening her hug. Mabel returned the two’s hugs, “I’ve missed you guys too. ” She smiled, and the three headed back into the booth. The friends ignored glares they received from other customers, and the Lazy Susan walked to their booth to take their orders. “Well hey girls.

What can I get for you all? ” Lazy Susan asked, a small notepad in her hands. Mabel decided to order first, ordering a small chocolate milkshake. Candy and Grenda both decided to have the same thing. The three chatted away about the things they did over the summer, new crushes, and the like as they waited for their orders to come. By the time they left, it was very late, and the three were out of Greasy’s Diner laughing loudly, chocolate stains on their shirts. The majority of the time was spent talking about one of Candy’s crushes.

Apparently she met a really cute girl at band camp, and was telling really embarrassing stories surround said girl. “She was just really sweet, and she looked so angelic. ” Candy blushed as she uttered those words, and Grenda grinned. “Oh I know what you mean girl. ” Grenda nodded, and placed a hand on Candy’s shoulder. Mabel began skipping ahead towards the Mystery Shack, the three were going to walk Mabel home and then head towards their own home. The other two noticed Mabel’s skipping, and began to skip their way towards her. It was just the three of them having fun, goofing off.

Mabel began to have a really good feeling about this. She could see it in her head now, Dipper would get better and he could hang out with her and her friends, maybe he and Candy could possibly get together. Mabel shook her head at that thought, though Candy was a bisexual, she preferred girls, perhaps Candy and Grenda could…? It was definitely a good thought and she saved the idea for later, still skipping with a smile on her face as her friends failed to catch up. She nearly tripped when she noticed something she didn’t think she ever would see and hoped she’d never see.

She stopped in her tracks, Candy and Grenda bumped into Mabel and the three fell down. “Sorry Mabel! ” Candy squeaked, and Mabel touched the top of Candy’s head, got up, and backed away. Candy and Grenda curiously looked at the object that had Mabel so freaked out. The two saw a dusty looking statue, covered in moss. There was a couple ants crawling on it, and it was in the shape of… “Isn’t that the triangle guy? ” Grenda furrowed her brows, looking a bit angry. “The guy who caused that one apocalypse, you know weirdma-” Grenda was about to finish that sentence, but Candy shushed the girl.

Grenda! You know it’s against the Gravity Falls law to mention the events of, you know. ” Candy clasped her hands together, the two of course already knew what she was talking about. Weirdmageddon, the apocalypse that had taken place near the end of summer last year, and now the demon in charge of that whole fiasco was suddenly back in Gravity Falls, only now he was made of stone. “But why is this here…? ” Mabel looked around uncomfortably, seeing this statue was making her unhappy to say the least.

She didn’t know much about the triangle as Dipper or Ford did, especially Ford, but she knew he was a bad guy who couldn’t be trusted. She knew those two dorks wouldn’t be very happy if they knew about this statue. Suddenly, Candy began to take off the stone hat. “Candy! ” Mabel gasped, as Candy carried the hat with ease. Candy was about to place it on her own head, but dropped it in surprise when she noticed a storm of ants come crawling out of the hat. Luckily, nobody got hurt but there was broken stone pieces all over the grounds. Whoops,” Candy looked at the debris, then began to examine the statue, a now hat-less and revealed to be bald bill cipher. Grenda joined her, while Mabel took a few glances at the statue, before stepping in and deciding to examine it as well, bringing out her glittery notebook along with a feathery pen.

She figured this qualified as something incredibly weird, and decided to write down stuff she noticed about it. She also made a sketch of the statue without the hat of course, the sketch of the statue looking much cuter than the actual statue itself. Has this always been here? ” Grenda questioned after a long moments of silence. The three girls looked at each other, knowing very well that it had not. Even in a place as weird as Gravity Falls, the three could’ve noticed something as strange looking as this statue which was undeniably of Bill Cipher. They were all silent now, and Mabel thought more about Bill Cipher and this statue. How long had this been here? By the looks of it it seemed to be here for several months. Mabel’s hand slowly brought her hands towards the Bill Cipher statue’s hand, and held it.

She honestly didn’t know what she was expecting to happen, but she definitely didn’t expect it to all crumble down into bits of debris. The trio of friends jumped back in shock, and Mabel instantly regretted doing that. Why had she done it in the first place? Shouldn’t you not shake Bill Cipher’s hand? Wasn’t that a bad omen? “L-let’s leave. ” Mabel whispered, and the other girls nodded, running to the mystery shack. That night, Mabel came home safely, the other girls would’ve stayed over but didn’t want to be a bother to their friend’s sick brother, so they called their parents to pick them up, too afraid to walk home.

Candy and Grenda sat in the living room as they waited for their parents to arrive and Mabel walked upstairs, telling her friends she would be going to sleep. “Goodnight Mabel,” Candy said and Grenda nodded. “I’ll text you tomorrow, okay? ” Grenda mentioned, and Mabel nodded. “‘Night girls. I love you. ” She yawned walking up stairs, though she felt tired she knew in her heart she wouldn’t be getting any sleep that night. Not when she felt like she was being watched.

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