Essay On Puerto Fiasco

Throughout my life I’ve been fortunate enough to travel outside of the country to Puerto Penasco multiple times. In the first trips I never thought about the people or the conditions surrounding the place I was traveling to. I was naive and unable to understand my surroundings. However, as I matured the way I viewed … Read more

Essay On The Allegory Of The Cave

“The Republic”, Plato’s longest work, has many views about philosophy and characters within and there is one character that truly stands out and entices you to read on until the very end; that was Socrates. Socrates was a mentor and a friend of Plato’s and in Plato’s eyes, he was a great and wise Philosopher … Read more

Differences Of World

We should look at the differences of the world and try to learn from them. All people have their good points and bad points. We live in a world that is not all white, all black, or not even all yellow. We live in a world where all races interact among themselves. The university in … Read more