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Personal Narrative: My Journey As A Writer Essay

My Journey as a Writer The beginning of course English 101 was challenging and stressful, this class introduced me to many different types of paper topics that I never knew existed. There are so many things that come to play when it comes to writing, from grammar to punctuation mechanics, etc. Before this class I was not aware of any writing process and all of the different types of essays and so I felt overwhelmed every time I had to write about a new topic. I struggled with gathering my thought and placing them on paper.

Being that English is my second language, I tend to think in Spanish when writing making it hard for me to write without mixing up my pronouns and verbs. However, taking this class taught me several tools and techniques that have been beneficial in my writing. I learn how to properly and effectively write a narrative essay, construct persuasive essay and a reflective essay, while using the MLA format as well. When writing a narrative essay I learned it was about telling a story with a defined point of view.

I learn how to research and construct a persuasive argumentative essay, providing specific and convincing evidence that would persuade readers to agree with my point of view. I learn that a reflective essay is to examine and observes the progress I have made throughout my own individual experience. During this semester I learn how to accurately organized information and structure it by using the correct format and techniques when writing a paper. I learn to pay close attention to the context of my writing double-checking my grammar and punctuation.

Also, I learn that writing is a process that takes time and commitment and it is a lot of work, which does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of brainstorming, developing a thesis; drafting and revising as many times, in order to complete your assignment. There are multiple aspects of English that I understand better as a result of taking this class. Taking this class provided me with different es material and writing. By understanding these different exercises and applying them to my papers, I was able to improve my writing skills.

This class helped me recognize the errors I tend to make when writing, whether is a narrative essay, persuasive essay, journal entry or wrong used of grammar and spelling. I was able to see my weakness and strengths and see what area need improvement when writing a paper or on the discussion board or just simply writing and general. One of the improvements that I have notice in my writing is that I have learned how to accurately structure an essay using the correct format and organize the information I am trying to convey on my paper and clearly present a finished material.

In this class, it was required to participate in the discussion board and interact with my peers. I have to admit; at the beginning of this class | thought the discussion board was a waste of time. However, I soon discovered how much my writing improved week-by-week just by participating in the discussion board and reading my classmates suggestions and experiences. I realized how helpful their recommendations truly were and how important it was to learn from one another point of view this semester. This class has been beneficial to my writing skills and grammar.

Through the help of my professor and all the hard work I put into this class, I am a better writer today than when I started. After taking this class, I have made several improvements, however still have some more growing to do as a writer. I just have to remember that what I’ve learned here, I will have to apply in other future papers. Thinking back, I remember the first paper | wrote for this class proved to be the most challenging one. The reason for this is because I had little experience when it came to writing a paper.

It was difficult to present solid paper without know all the techniques that I have learned in this eight weeks. This course has helped me feel accomplished, I feel confident in my reading and writing skills. I now understand better what it means to write a more profound paper by using the different skills and techniques I learned in this class. Overall, this class taught me that with hard work and practice vou can achieved anything you put your mind in to. I believe everything I have learned in this class will be extremely beneficial in my future goals.

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