Behind McDonald’s Ads

In recent years advertising has played a big part in our community of people today, everywhere we go we will find products being told to individuals on print, television, radio, online pages, and large boards for posting advertising. The nourishment and drink industry around the world has perceived kids, adolescents, and adults as a predominant … Read more

The Fear Appeal in Adertising

An appeal is the reason to which an advertisement is directed and the purpose is to move the audience toward a goal set by the advertiser. However, the use of fear appeals in advertising is not well accepted and can give bad views, unexpected results or have unintended negative effects on people. Moreover, types of … Read more

Best Cheap E-Juice Brands in Canada and the USA

E-liquids shopping can be an eye-straining task when you’re looking for the “best” affordable e-juice brands. Since the rise in vaping over the last 5 years, thousands of new e-juice companies have come about. Many of them advertising “cheap” or “affordable” solutions. In reality, the cost of production for a bottle of e-juice is relatively … Read more

Misleading and Deception in Advertising and Selling

The issue In today’s highly competitive, global market, companies are setting sales targets high to gain market share, increasing stock prices keeping the inventors happy. Leaders are taking a risk when they set unrealistic goals. In the challenging global environment, where everyone is replaceable, employees are tempted more than ever to break rules, regulations and … Read more