Southwest Airlines Marketing Strategy

Southwest Airlines is the industry leader in low cost airfare. They began its operation in 1971 with three Texas based routes and began interstate routes in 1978. When Southwest entered the market in 1971 they employed a market penetration pricing approach. They wanted to provide the best service for the lowest possible price. They saw … Read more

The War on Terror

Terrorism, until the 9/11 attacks on the Untied States, has remained a dormant issue in the media. Although it has been around for centuries, the organized use of violence to target non-combatants for political purposes is one of the most effective ways to gain media attention. Mainly used by extremist groups in the hopes of … Read more

Ray Bradbury novel, “Fahrenheit 451”

The title of “Fahrenheit 9/11” is a play on the title of the famous Ray Bradbury novel, “Fahrenheit 451” in which society has been transformed into an authoritarian, repressive regime, in which subversive ideas are crimes and books are burned. In the book, a lonely protagonist is awakened to this reality and joins the struggle … Read more

The True Hero

As young children we all had our share of superheroes; whether they were a world saving Superman or the crime fighting Batman of Gotham City, we admired them. Then as we grew older, we realized that heroes didn’t have to save the world but just change the world for the better with their achievement or … Read more