Biography and Life Path Of Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele Every generation has their punks. Be they musicians, writers, or artists, those individuals ahead of their times – while infamous during their lives – create legacies that last years after their deaths. Austrian painter Egon Schiele is certainly one of these controversial and memorable personalities. Best identified as a 20th century Expressionist painter, … Read more

Christopher Skase

Christopher Skase was a businessman born in Melbourne in 1948, and died in 2001. Throughout his life he was married twice and had one step daughter. His career stated as a stockbroker, than a finance journalist. However, his business career began when he bought a small tin-mining company called Quintex on the mid-1970’s. This company … Read more

The Situation In Nauru And Manus Island: Liability For Crimes Against Humanity In The Detention Of Refugees And Asylum Seekers

For those who’ve come across the seas we’ve boundless plains to share; With courage let us all combine To Advance Australia Fair. These words familiar to all of us are part of our national anthem but is our government really trying to fulfil them? As of April this year there are 1,369 asylum seekers in … Read more

Plant Life

Although only a dozen plant families are unique to Australia, there are 530 unique genera and many unique species within these genera. As the Australian fragment of prehistoric Gondwanaland drifted north, its ancient flora became the basis for the present plant systems. Increasing aridity modified this vegetation, giving much of it hardened, pointed leaves of … Read more