Sherene Razack Sparknotes

In the book, Dying from Improvement, Sherene Razack looks into indigenous people’s deaths in police custody. Aboriginal deaths in police custody have been on the rise, and it has always been attributed to individual errors or lack of judgment. Razack then tries to prove otherwise by looking at inquest and inquiries made of indigenous deaths … Read more

How Does Boyden Overcome Colonialism?

Colonialism is not just a thing of the past, and those who recognize its presence will fight hard against it. For as Franz Fanon put it in his book titled The Wretched of the Earth, “The need for this change exists in its crude state, impetuous and compelling, in the consciousness and in the lives … Read more

Essay on Aboriginal Spirituality

Land is considered mother earth to Indigenous Australians, the source of all creation, yielding all the necessities of life- food, clothing and shelter dated back since over 40,000 years ago when Aborigines first came to Australia. In present period, Indigenous still are spiritually linked to the land rights of this country, which will be further … Read more

Residential Education In The 1920s Essay

A vast majority of modern societies around the world view Canada as an accepting nation that embraces a variety of different people, and hosts many diverse cultures. For instance, in the 1920’s not all Canadians were free from discrimination, and although most people were embracing this time of prosperity with new inventions and exciting lifestyles, … Read more