Irena Sendler

On February 15, 1910, a future nurse, and savior was born. Obviously, no one knew this, but Irena Krzyzanowska saved over 2,500 Jewish children and babies. Irena was supported and inspired by many people, but her father inspired her most of all. During her childhood, “She was greatly influenced by his selfless service to the … Read more

Holocaust Dbq Essay

There have been many major events in the world’s history; some are brilliant discoveries, and some are incredibly tragic. One of the biggest tragedies in the world was The Holocaust which took place in Nazi Germany and other territories Germany took over from 1933-1945. The Holocaust was the result of Hitler’s anti-semitism from his belief … Read more

Lester Gillis Research Paper

When growing in America children are taught that anything is possible with an adroit combination of hard work and determination. As a society we [Americans] believe that dreams can come true, no matter the dream, it is possible. No matter how rich or poor a person is there are always aspirations to be something greater. … Read more

To End All Wars Ernest Gordon Analysis Essay

In the Bible, we can see murder, annihilation of cities, bludgeoning, burning people alive, cannibalism, decapitation, disemboweling, hanging, genocide, stabbing, stoning, suicide, etc. These are different kinds of violence. The Bible portrays violence with gruesome images and hideous acts of evil (Godawa 34). In the book of Judges, God wrote the script with lies, espionage, … Read more

Holocaust Reflection Paper

The Holocaust is a defining moment of the world’s history. The horrific annihilation of innocent Jews and Europeans will forever be etched into the minds of humans all around the world. The haunting outcomes of war and terrorism will forever be remembered throughout time. However, these defining moments in the history/making of the world will … Read more

Corrie Ten Boom Analysis Essay

“A hero is an ordinary person who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. ” These words of Christopher Reeve perfectly describe the essence and soul of Corrie Ten Boom – a devout Christian watchmaker who saved nearly 800 individuals from the horrors of World War II, and as a … Read more