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The Gilead Age: The Federal Government Essay

The federal government as a system of governance tends to divide power between two parties, that is, the national government that is stronger and the local government which is smaller in size. The two states administered their authority directly through their officials and laws as well. It had a part to play in the domestic affairs of the nation. For this reason, therefore, this paper shall provide the role the federal government plays in the internal affairs. The benefits of a federal government, as well as the demerits, will also be included. It will, therefore, cover the entire period beginning from 1865 to the present.

The restoration took place between 1865 and 1900 under Abraham Lincoln after the Civil Wars. It involved a series of events which were the aftermath of the civil war including the problems of peacemaking which was as a result of emancipation, the notion of competing for freedom, Reconstruction issues and the plans for reconstruction and the death of Lincoln among other occurrences. The Gilead age was the period between the when the civil war and the world war took place. It was the time during when the population and the economy of the United States grew fastest in history, and there was too much political corruption.

Besides, financial misleading was at their top, and many people who were wealthy lived very fancy lives. During this period that industrialization was so widespread in the United States hence attracted larger populations in the country. Records have it that between 18600 and 1900, 144,000 more new industries were introduced. The number of immigrants increased with increase in industrialization as they came in search of employment. The Native Americans were to be forced by the government to live on the reservations, but the Dawes Act made an attempt to assimilate them hence giving them a farmland.

The cattle drives were needed by the railroads, and the barbed wires as the frontier shifted while the settlers moved to the Great Plains. Besides the rapid growth of the economy in this period, there was also much social conflict. Urbanization came with its advantages and disadvantages both to the country and its citizens. Urbanization resulted in negative effects in health, housing, political machines and working conditions. Health centers and housing facilities became less than the population due to overpopulation.

People overstretched the available resources since all were in need of and also affected the working conditions in many places of work. Besides, slums were introduced which caused a lot of pollution and people began to employ children for cheap labor. Since it was known as the age of corruption, rich became richer while the poor became poorer as part of the political machine. On the other side, the urbanization brought positive effects like the introduction of new technologies which facilitated production of high-quality products and in large quantities and also educational benefits as a result.

President Woodrow Wilson is remembered for his devotion to making the world safe for democracy. He did this On April 2, 1917, where he made an appeal to the Congress seeking a declaration of war against Germany so as to make the world safe for democracy. Wilson told the Congress that it was risky taking the peaceful people into the war which would have lasted for years and cause many deaths and losses in the country. However, he emphasized that it was the only way to make the world safe. The Congress voted for the war.

Wilson pushed the emerging United States of America onto the world stage after the Germans surrendered. The battle took place in 1917 which still resounds today. It was ironical that the democracy was more threatened after the surrender of the Germans which was as a result of the punitive peace that the allies forced on it. Nevertheless, the ideals of Wilson survived the centuries of war, and he won a national self-determination. The crisis of capitalism culture in the United States was brought about by the great depression.

It is a culture in which the economic and the political system allowed the private owners to control the trade and industries in a country for their profit. It was risky for both the national and the local governments as it took some powers from them. The economy of a country is what determines its power. Though the capitalist culture had its disadvantages, there was for reconstruction in the unknown future. Modernism in America brought about the modernist culture which was along with the cultural trends as well as changes that arose over time.

The modernist culture of the 1920s in America broke with the Victorian culture of the preceding generations. The World War 1 intensified the culture which was spurred by a great pessimism in high culture. The culture was influenced by Darwin, Einstein, Dewey, Marx and Freud. The decision between the traditional culture and the modernist culture was a crisis. However, the modernist culture brought about new and better society, that is, both politically and socially. The Second World War put a record of the most widespread and the deadliest known war in history.

It leads to the death of more than 85 million deaths of both civilians and the militaries that belonged to more than 30 countries that had joined the war. It lasted from 1939 to 1945 even though related conflicts had begun earlier. It ended with the defeat of both the Japan and the Nazi Germany IN 1945. The World War 2 is what changed everything in the United States since they also had joined. The great depression in the economy of the United States ended with the victory of the United States where they emerged the world Super Power.

Besides the many adverse effects of the world war, it had many positive effects in the political and economic structures of the United States. The American dollar emerged powerful all over the world, and the money became surplus in the country. More opportunities opened up for women to work and giving them privileges that they were capable. Also, civil rights for minorities and females became matters of concern. The society began to enjoy the new inventions like sports for the minorities as well as music and drama festivals.

The face of America completely changed due to the victory in the World War 2 and all aspect of life in the country changed towards the positive. The American civil rights movement when World War 2 ended and America gained its victory. It comprised of the groups, strategies and also social movements in America. Their goals were to bring racial segregation and discrimination against African-Americans to an end and also secure legal recognition and enjoy the rights enumerated in the federal law as the citizens of that particular country who deserve the federal protection of their rights.

The movements advocated for civil rights of every individual as stated in the constitution and were characterized by major campaigns of civil resistance. They believed that everyone was equal in regardless of the race or origins and therefore everyone was entitled to certain civil rights which he/she had to enjoy as a citizen in regardless of anything. The government of the North Vietnamese and that of Viet Cong were fighting to unite Vietnam again. They had perceived the conflicts as part of the colonial war and as a continuation of the Vietnam War against France and later United States.

During the war, the United States campaigned for the supermassive campaign to bomb the North Vietnam. The involvement of the United States in the Vietnam army was a significant threat to the Northern Vietnamese as it preceded various attacks on them which weakened them. Later, America withdrew from the war began as part of Vietnamization which aimed at ending the involvement of Americans in the world war and moving the tasks of fighting to the South Vietnamese and the fighting continued.

After the withdrawal of US from the war on 15 August 1973, the war ended with the capture of Saigon in April 1975. The modernist culture took roots in the United States after the victory in World War II. It was due to the trends and changes in culture in the U. S. The Americans adopted the new culture of modernism which came along with new inventions and technologies as compared to the traditional cultures. The triumph over made the society and the country look new and better, that is, socially, politically and economically also.

It contributed in changing the face of America. America became recognized worldwide since it emerged the world super power. It made a high country and gave it some powers over the other nations. It was both an advantage and a disadvantage because they every country began to look upon them and what they do. It also called for enemies who would want them to fall, and they rise. It, therefore, has been pressure to the United States which they have survived up to today due to the roles that both the national and the local governments play.

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