The UN during the Cold War

After the League of Nations’ failure, the second try at making a peace system was the UN’s second institution within only a few decades. Yet, throughout the conflict peace was about to fail once again, as most of the world was divided into two blocs. as a result of the UN’s rigid structure that was … Read more

The United Nations: 1940s-1950s, Present, and Future

The United Nations was created in a time of uneasy peace between the nations of the world. World War II had just ended. The League of Nations, the predecessor to the United Nations failed to prevent war. It, not unlike the American government when it was first created, did not have enough power to follow … Read more

The United Nations An Achievement of Modern Times

The United Nations, with its rigid moral and political limitations against force, has become a benchmark of peace and a social achievement of modern times. From war torn Europe, the United Nations developed from five major powers with an initial goal to prevent the spread of warfare through peaceful means and to establish and maintain … Read more

The United Nations

The United Nations is an organization of sovereign nations not a world government. It provides the machinery to help find solutions to disputes or problems, and to deal with virtually any matter of concern to humanity. It does not legislate like a national parliament. But in the meeting rooms and corridors of the UN, representatives … Read more