Ford Motor Company: New Strategies for International Growth

Ford Motor Company Strategy Background Ford Motor Company is a strategically revolutionary and technologically innovative automobile company founded in the year 1903 and quickly became the first of its kind to use distinctive techniques such as moving assembly lines and conveyor belts in manufacturing and human resource management practices by pricing products that can be … Read more

Personal Narrative on Life and Future Aspirations

As a young child, I followed in the footsteps of others; never making goals of my own or leaving my own impressions on the world. I never believed in the old saying, “You can go anywhere, as long as you set your mind to it.” Believing this, I just skidded through life, not putting the … Read more

Car safety features

In the video the car hit the wall, in physics it means the dummy will resist the change in motion, and unless something else stops it first, the dummy will crash in to the object. Momentum steps in in the scene, since the car is very heavy and its velocity is quite fast therefore it … Read more

The Disadvantages of Obsession over Technology

I can very well remember being a child in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I was not allowed to play inside with friends unless the weather was cold, rainy, or if it was dark outside. I did not have many electronic gadgets and toys besides maybe some walkie talkies or a remote control car. … Read more

Tips for Choosing Your First Car

Having your first car can become one of your primary objectives in the short or medium term. This experience is as essential as it is decisive since it implies a series of responsibilities before, during and after acquiring your vehicle.If you have made this critical decision, you should consider some relevant aspects that allow you … Read more

Innovative Technology and Car Gadgets

Now a day technology and invention have become the necessary part of our life. We cannot live without modern technology. Technology not only innovate us but also work for the betterment of mankind. These technologies and inventions slowly becomes the part of our lives and have essential value in our daily routine life. Now we … Read more

Are Self Driving Cars a Good Idea?

Are Self Driving Cars a Good Idea? Have you ever realized that getting in a car can be the most life threatening thing that you do in your day? Car accidents are the number one killer of people in the U.S.A.! Self – driving cars are an absolutely amazing idea. First, individuals who are disabled … Read more