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Essay about Kenneth Athol Interview

Interviewing Kenneth Athol was rather easy and straight to the point. His interview was well said although not thought out straight. He fascinated me the most out of everyone because now after college, he works at a restaurant. He earns a high salary as well which is rather good. He only earned his associate degree but already earns a higher salary than most who didn’t even go to college. Going to college takes a lot of commitment and patience and i feel i may be ready for that when i really want something like a career i’d enjoy. Me: “I’m Evangelina Perez and are you interested in letting me interview you on your college experience?

Kenneth Athol: “Of course. Im Kenneth Athol and i finished college. ” Me: “When you were in high school, did you know if you were going into college or not? Was it exactly how you pictured it would be? ” Kenneth: “Originally I didn’t intend to go because | wasn’t happy with the education system but when I got to high school and earned credits I decided to try it because I was interested in psychology. And college was the only way to get into the field of art therapy. I don’t know what I expected originally but I believe it was to be similar to high school since it was a two year college.

However It was actually pretty great and more open when I got there. They had a nice campus for great walks around different buildings that give you fresh air between classes. Suitable areas for art and music. Areas for students to just mingle about their topics they are interested in. It really opened me up to nature in a way high school didn’t” As of now, I am in highschool thinking about what I want to be. I wonder if I can relate to his response in the future. I want to a veterinarian later on which was a goal even before high school. I want to go to college for the sake of being a vet but not go to college just to go.

I feel it would be a waste of time to do that. College isn’t always for everyone I believe although you get a better salary. Me: “Interesting. Did you go to college right after you graduated from high school? ” Kenneth: “Yeah. By the time I was out of high school I was getting enrolled. I had to go immediately to make sure my credits transferred so I could start ahead” Going to college right after high school is great. I believe so because if you take time off, you become lazy and uninterested in college later on. Fall is a great time to start college for me.

I want to be intrigued in college and later on take my dream of being a vet. I want to do what Kenneth did definitely. Me: “Alright. Can you list 6 necessities that you need for college and explain why we need them” Kenneth: “Responsibility time management Money A desire to learn Communication skills And maturity” Responsibility is always a must. Responsibility manages your time and money. Its perfect. Responsibility also manages how exactly you treat others around you in the environment of college. A desire to learn is also another good way of handling college or even high school in my case.

Communication is rather important when it comes down to talking to your professors about any assignment or things you don’t understand. Maturity is rather not what i would insist in putting on a list for college but I would guess so since you’re getting ready for your careers to come. Me: “Why’s that” Kenneth: “Responsibility to get things done when you need it. Since a lot of people will not bother to do the work Time management is necessary as many work a job as well. Or have kids or a personal life. If you don’t manage your time. You may go to do an assignment and realize you don’t have enough Money is obvious.

The books are hundreds. You need supplies. Sometimes you need to see an event for a project. You have to be ready to spend on that. Without a desire to learn your just going to forget what you learned making the classes worthless in the log run. Or not have the interest to finish college. You will need communication skills for group activities. When you inevitably miss a class vitably miss a class and need to catch up on notes. Or talk to the professor And finally for maturity. Not only do greater colleges have greater expectations of their students.

So immature stunts that become popular could get you in trouble. Professors may not always be kind and may seem unfair. So maturity to handle it respectfully is important. I have seen enough students argue with their instructors and just make situation a worse for themselves. Kinda like a job in that sense” Me: “How do you define success” Kenneth: “That’s a hard one. That’s success for goals and success for your life. Honestly, you’re successful in life when you are happy. Happy with the path you are on and happy with yourself and making each day great. Even if you’re a garbage man.

If your happy. You’ve succeeded But in college. People go for their goals. So success is completing the goals for yourself that make you happy. Say I wanna become an art therapist. I’m successful by putting myself on that path and not straying. If you’re not successful, you’re playing yourself because you’re not going towards what you want” College success depends on the person who has dealt with it. What they gain out of college differs from one another. For me, college success isn’t cap and gowns. College success is getting to be a vet. Getting to be a vet has always been a goal for me.

Me: “What did you dislike about the college experience you endured? ” Kenneth: “Oh man. I disliked a lot of the system for some classes. I actually like learning. But I felt like some classes just shoved information at me for a test. ” I feel the same about high school. High school has always been about testing your knowledge to get to the next grade. The system for education is rather not what i agree with but if it has to be done, then so be it. My goals are to be veterinarian and to graduate college and i feel i’d be best at life just like that.

My hobbies have never interfered with how i want to take college and certain courses although i feel that i will dislike how many of the classes are handled since they aren’t much hands-on. Me: “Did you set any goals for yourself in highschool and accomplished them later on after college? If you did, please list them and tell me why they were significant to you Kenneth: “Well. My goals were to make new and real friends, get into art therapy and just practice and master certain skills and hobbies. To be honest I passed none of them. I didn’t continue art therapy mainly because of money and the system which made me disinterested.

I made a very few friends that I still talk to but memories are still precious. And well, hobbies are always continuous, but goals don’t need to end. And it doesn’t mean | won’t ever go back to college to finish. ” I set goals for myself already in high school. Im dedicated to my future career. I hope money doesn’t become an issue for me like it did for Kenneth. Kenneth seemed very disappointed when i brought about this question. He seemed to be dedicated but he could always return back when he has enough money working at the restaurant. Me: “Were there people that you admire in college?

Which professors were the best at teaching and doing their job? ” Kenneth: “I don’t remember names. But obviously professors who were professional yet supportive and loved their topic while standing their ground as figures. My favorite was my European history teacher. She didn’t take people being late with work or allowed them to retake tests. But she got through all her lessons. Listened to questions and everything. And made it fun by bringing up quirky information that was interesting to her as much as a professor wants their lessons to be for the students.

She enjoyed it and got us to enjoy it too. At least me. I got a 104% as my final grade for that class. So I believe it shows how much a good teacher and legitimate interest can make a difference” | relate to this. My answer for this would be Mrs. Littlefeild who i admire. I felt she was good at teaching even though she’s a hands on teacher. College doesn’t have much hands on teachers i believe. Ms. Milliner is not hands on at all which is good for setting our mind for college. She gets to the point and wants things done a certain just like colleges want them.

Me: “What do you see yourself doing in 5 more years” Kenneth: “In five yours I’m hoping to already be experienced in a form of construction, likely iron working. And with that job and saving a grand amount of money because of its good pay, traveling the world in a form, and/or making a career out of a hobby such as art or music. Maybe even going back to college” In 5 years, I see myself in college still getting ready for my career to be a veterinarian. Being a vet takes a lot of work and dedication since it takes many years in college to get this kind of career. It’s like taking a profession in being a doctor.

I’m ready for that type of commitment. I at least want a part time job along the way of being in college though. Me: “How would you describe yourself after doing college” Kenneth: “I can describe myself as more academic in general. It taught me more about what I want to learn and how. Created more of an air of maturity for me to grow. But also new experiences I couldn’t get anywhere else. But to be fair some of those just comes with just age as well” Kenneth has a point when he said it comes to age. With age comes responsibility. With responsibility, you can manage things much better and easier.

I feel college wouldn’t teach me much about maturity although i am getting ready for a career i want to set my life to. I believe you would take in a lot of teachings from your professors and use them for jobs later on. Me: “If you could do so, how would you plan your academic study differently? Why? ” Kenneth: “Well I would base it on actual knowledge and what the interests of learning are. I feel like so much information is shoved into us in some classes just to have something to write about. But to really intrigue the normal student they need to pull them in. Bring up something interesting and expand on it for the actual subject.

It does apply differently to different people. But it’s a start to create new scholars because no one wants to sit down and memorize things all day. They want something to imagine” I can’t relate but i feel if Kenneth took different and less expensive courses, he would have graduated by now. When answering If you could do so, how would you plan your academic study differently interview question stay focussed on career goals and aspirations. Prior to any interview, you should have a list mentally prepared of your greatest strengths. It’s better held out that way rather than what Kenneth said.

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