Dance Application Research Paper

Being a dance is not an easy job but it’s definitely something that I want to do. Dance is to “to move your body in a way that goes with the rhythm and style of music that is being played” or in simpler words to just perform. I have been dancing for as long as … Read more

Dance Therapy

For many people, dance is a form of expression and freedom. Dance and movement therapy has been a form of healing in counseling and therapeutic ways for years, but it constantly changing. Dance therapy can benefit one’s life and body in many ways, for patients with different backgrounds, ages, or diagnoses. Dance and movement therapy … Read more

Performance Arts Final Reflection

For the past few weeks in Performance Arts Class, we have worked on choreography pieces created by different people in the class. Each person in the class was given the chance to be a choreographer. The choreographers would choose other students to act as performers in their dance. The choreographers would choose the performers based … Read more

Essay about Fred Astaire: Why Does Something Become Popular?

Douglas Holt, explains to Oxford University Press how the process of the rise to popularity truly works. He says, “These individuals and groups became immensely influential by advancing innovative ideology, and thereby developing intensely loyal followers” (Why Does Something Become Popular). He explains how famous icons stand out to people because they make alternative approaches … Read more

Jazz Autobiography Essay

I started dancing before I can remember, but I have been told that I was just about three. I started out at a studio that I cannot remember, doing ballet and tap. Yet, because my entire class would have been so young it can hardly be considered dance, but rather a general physical activity with … Read more

Essay on Lakota Tribe Ritual

The Sundance, or known to the Lakota as Wiwanyag Wachipi, is one of the most fundamental and sacred rites of the Lakota people. It is also one of the more complex rituals, as it is a dance aligned with the sun for three days and two nights and there are numerous small details that must … Read more

Essay about Elsa Schiaparelli

Designer Paper: Betsey Johnson and Elsa Schiaparelli Known for her famous grand finale cart wheel, Betsy Johnson is an edgy ready to wear designer. Johnson was born on August 10, 1942 in Wethersfield, Connecticut. Growing up she was a dancer and an artist, Johnson fell in love with the decked out costumes she wore for … Read more

Cultural Diversity In Ballet Essay

Ballet was established in the royal courts of Italy in the 15th century and later was standardized by the courts of Louis the XIV in France. Over the centuries it has evolved to be more structured and taken on new styles and forms. Although originally an exclusive dance form, more cultures and type people now … Read more

Black Tradition In American Dance

Since the 1920s, the term “jazz dance” has been used to describe a constantly evolving form of popular and artistic dance movement. It is a reflection of a popular culture, and as the culture changes so does the face of jazz dance. Dance is Unique and has individuality no matter what. It is this factor … Read more

Serge Diaghilev Biography

Subjects: Art and entertainment, Dance, Ballet. Keywords: Serge Diaghilev, founder of the famous Diaghilev Ballets Russes, famous Russian composer, Diaghilev’s idols, face of dance.   “He fancied a career in music but was a terrible composer. He wanted to be a painter but lacked vision and aptitude. He wanted to change the face of dance but had … Read more