The Dancing House in Prague

The Dancing House is the great historic significant building in Prague. It was constructed in 1992 and completed in1996. The Dancing House is located at the corner of Jirasek Square and Rasin Quay alongside the river Vltava. Before the Dancing house was built, it originally occupied by a Neo-renaissance style house from the end of … Read more

Dance inspiration: Misty Copeland

Every dance season has a fresh start, with that come new opportunities to set new goals, push yourself, but most importantly to be inspired by others. Recently I moved studios, and have been pushed places I never knew I could reach. This year I have been surrounded with new faces and new limits. New challenges … Read more

The History of Jazz Dance in America

The origin of jazz dance can be traced all the way back to Africa. In Africa, it was custom for natives to dance as a celebration of cycles in life such as birth, puberty, marriage, and death. This was to express their cultural beliefs. Drums, string instruments, chimes, reedpipes, and other percussion instruments set the … Read more

History of Ballroom Dancing

Until recently, most people haven’t thought much of ballroom dancing. It has become a popular worldwide pastime, thanks to the media bringing it back into the spotlight with shows like “Dancing with the Stars”. It wasn’t long after the first season that the dance craze soon swept over America, with more and more people choosing … Read more

The Origin of Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood fusion is a style of dance that mixes basic Bollywoodstyle of dancing and music and fuses it together with other styles of dancing such as Hip-hop andjazz. Bollywood dance originated in India, around Bombay, in the 20th century and is dancingthat we now see in Indian films. Bollywood dance is a wide variety of … Read more

Illness Narrative

Phoebe grew up dancing for countless of hours at her local dance studio, a place she called her second home. Anyone watching her could see how passionate she was about moving and expressing her emotions through graceful choreography. It was at this very studio on a day in the middle of March 2017 while she … Read more


With a history that dates back to 3,000 B.C., Tonga is governed by King Tupou VI, consists of 171 islands, and is over 99% Christian today. It has a rich culture and history, where women ‘eiki to men; that is, women outrank men. Dance has been a fundamental element of that culture. “Dance in Tonga … Read more

The Biography of Agnes de Mille

Agnes de Mille was born September 18,1905 in New York City into a family of theater professionals. Agnes” father William C. DeMille and her uncle Cecil B. DeMille were both Hollywood directors and her grandfather was an author of many playwright’s, the arts was definitely a career choice driven through the family. With a love … Read more

Black Tradition In American Dance

Since the 1920s, the term “jazz dance” has been used to describe a constantly evolving form of popular and artistic dance movement. It is a reflection of a popular culture, and as the culture changes so does the face of jazz dance. Dance is Unique and has individuality no matter what. It is this factor … Read more

Serge Diaghilev Biography

Subjects: Art and entertainment, Dance, Ballet. Keywords: Serge Diaghilev, founder of the famous Diaghilev Ballets Russes, famous Russian composer, Diaghilev’s idols, face of dance.   “He fancied a career in music but was a terrible composer. He wanted to be a painter but lacked vision and aptitude. He wanted to change the face of dance but had … Read more